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Is asking one million people for a dollar one time as a social experiment... is that being a bum in your eyes or not.

I am asking a million people for a dollar as a social experiment... I take age range, gender, annual income, voting preference, and race/nationality. do you think I am a bum if I only ask each person once?

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    Oct 4 2011: i was thinking about this today; i have 5 people in my sharehouse and i felt like an icebreak...instead of asking one for $5 i thought id go and ask each one for a dollar. man i should have followed through then i could have posted results here.

    turns out i just waited for my own money to come through, now i have an icebreak in front of me.
    yeah i reckon it would work, and smart thinking..pretty sure atms do something similar. like $2 per tranaction in australia.
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    Oct 3 2011: As a social experiment, really? I think that imposing on others to give you something that they could also use to enrich yourself at their expense is crummy even if it is only one dollar. To do it a million times just makes it a million times crummier in my eyes. It just makes it less likely that people will see what you really are.
    If it really is an experiment, let me see your ethics approval and the contract you have with the charity who will get the money.

    However, many people in our societies are on the street often due to mental health issues. There are people who need the dollar that willing and generous hearts will share and this experiment might just take $1 million out of the pot which goes to help them.
    • Oct 4 2011: So even if you are in real need of it? Even if you had looked for and continue to look for work? Even if your children need something to eat? You think that is Crummy? That makes little to no sense. But I would rather be crummy and feed my children and myself than to starve. What happens when you loose your job and you have kids with noone to go to. And from fear of people thinking you are crummy you dont as for help. Then you get put out of your house for selling candy. SO you keep trying. You keep pushing. and there is noone to help. So you start a way for you to make some money and devise a way to live. That is Crummy? The charities That are not helping me with my families or the family shelter that put me my kids and wife out at 11pm because a cousin 6 states away said that my wife and her son could stay but not me and my daughter.
      I do not feel it is Crummy. But I have started selling poetry instead of just asking for a dollar. Plus I got some affiliates on my site that will start to make money but When I start a non profit I wont make more thatn 50,000 a year from the organization not 400,000 like some CEOs. A charity will never get my money. Look and do the research of these Charity and see how much money the CEOs make and how much the homeless individuals get and the few services they provide them. Crummy is what you should be calling the peice of crap organizations making millions of dollars in homeless peoples names and really not doing anything to help any homeless people but helping them stay homeless or helping them stay in poverty.
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        Oct 4 2011: I'm confused, not by concept but by sloppy rhetoric.

        So your experiment is to improve YOUR quality of life?
        Why do you need to take the donor's information? What is that data going to prove, what is the science behind this?

        I don't think asking for a dollar is being a bum.
        But I do think asking for a dollar under false pretense is being a bum and a liar.
        • Oct 4 2011: Its not under false pretenses. Maybe I did not explain it as well as I would like. I am not the best writer in the world. But I do the survey to see who is the most generous. But besides that I tell them how I use the money and I do not lie about anything. The experiment is to see if I could as a homeless person get out of being homeless this way? And who is the most generous out of people that I encountered? And how many people out of a million would help? AndHow long would it take to ask a million people for anything... The end goal being to help other homeless people. But I Understand what your saying. please feel free to check out my site if you have any questions. I am now trying to sell poetry to 1 million people. So I can stay true to my name