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What are good books/resources to use for learning computer programming?

I am a high school student that absolutely loves programming. I have taken 2 programming classes and i just love the feeling of being able to practically control the brain of a computer. I am going to be majoring in computer programming in college, but I want to expand my programming knowledge now.

I guess you could consider me a beginner. I know the basics of while, for, and do-while loops, if and else-if statements, print statements, functions, and arrays. My question to all of you professional programmers out there is what books/resources would you recommend for me? I have tried many different books but a lot of them are mostly reference-type books that are for people who are already pro at it.

  • Oct 9 2011: Hey Bryan,

    From my personal experience (I am a computer engineering student and worked as a programmer for a year), the best way to learn how to program is to just write misc. programs. If you are looking for learning resources though, your best friend will be the internet. If you do a search online for programming resources you will find a TON! To get you started, you can look at for some online course lectures from MIT and other universities. Beyond general reference though, it can get very specific depending on languages/areas of programming, etc.

    I hope this helps!
    • Oct 10 2011: John
      Thanks a lot for the advice i am sure it will help lots. As a programmer/computer engineer do you have any other tips/words of wisdom about programming. I plan on majoring in both computer science and business
      • Oct 10 2011: Hahaha, I would argue that you should drop the business major and swap it for mathematics, complex systems or something along those lines. Programmers with a strong background in high level math have a lot more opportunities than those that do not in my opinion (and I may or may not be biased against business haha).

        Math and computer science are closely related in a lot of ways (hopefully future coursework will show you in what ways), and a lot of complex applications of computers require very complex math based algorithms, so really math is a great secondary background to have if you ask me. When you get to college I would suggest going straight to the Computer Science department and talking to a couple of professors, I'm sure they could give you a lot of advice!
        • Oct 10 2011: Well the way i see it is although i am going to be a computer programmer, I am also going to be working for a business and knowing how a business operated can also be very beneficial. Especially if i decide to be a project manager of certain software design assignment.