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how to do well on exams?

I have taken several exams but mostly I failed. I know in order to succeed I should work hard, every time I study more than other students do however, I do not know why I fail each time. How can I do well on my exams, and do you know ways to improve my focus or concentration. Thank you.


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  • Oct 5 2011: Truly it depends on your way of learning. Are you a visual learner. Meaning do you like seeing things on paper and on presentations such as PowerPoints, graphs, movies etc. Or are you an audio learner and like hearing things instead, such as audio books, lectures, audio presentations. Or are you a hands-on learner, meaning do you learn best when actually doing things such as games, practice problems, re-writing ideas, making study guides etc. Depending on your way of learning you have different methods of learning. Once you know how you learn best you can study that way. For example, if you are a visual learner I'd work go over your notes, teachers notes if provided, handouts, the general text (if studying for something mentioned in a textbook). If an audio learner start recording your classes, this works for both audio and visual methods, therefore you can refer back to the classes in which you studied the topic and re-listen to the class. If you are a hands on learner, make a few problems or question for your self, make flashcards (due to the fact that writing the things over can help memorize things), and make games that you and your friends can play.

    Hope this helped and truly work hard and as my teacher once said, "practice doesn't make perfect it makes permanent." due to the fact that if you keep practicing the wrong thing you'll be permanently doing the wrong thing which isn't perfect, yet if you do something right and practice it plenty that method and that idea will permanently be with you.

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