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How would you react if you suddenly had a serious mental illness at the age of 18 and could no longer control your own thoughts?

This is what happened to me and I'm curious to know how you all would deal with it. Keep in mind that it's a change for the rest of your life and the best you can do is manage it. It took over 20 years for me to get the illness under control with medication. Up until that point I heard voices for 13 of those years, was psychotic on a regular basis , depressed most of the time and isolated. I lost friends, relatives, my dignity and my place in society. It could land on your doorstep at any time and there is no going back, it becomes a part of your life. Over 20% of the population has a mental illness yet you treat us as if we were the only one. I've been disrespected, degraded, lied about and distanced from society. Now I have overcome the illness, I have no symptoms but have not forgetten the early days. I work fulltime now teaching doctors, residents, med students and people with an illness about the recovery model. I do a lot of public speaking and give trainings on the subject and I wonder what those who condemed me for having an illness would do if they got one themselves. The media has given us a very bad image and most people believe it, maybe here you can learn some truth. My passion in life is to help as many people as I can and teach the rest the truth about this subject. If you haven't guessed yet I have schizophrenia and it has been a teacher in my life. I will try to answer any questions any of you may have but it may take some time as I am very busy with work.


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  • Oct 4 2011: Hi James,
    How could u made it possible.. its really rocking..Wt s the effecient way u rectified this problem?

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