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What are three things you believed as a kid, that you stopped believing as you got older?

Sometimes I look back and laugh at the things I believed as a kid. Not the silly things like Santa being real, but the stereotypes that shaped my world and how I used to interact with people. My perception of the world has changed since I was a kid as I've interacted with people both inside and out of my country (US) and experienced more things in life.

As a kid, I used to think there was no way I'd ever meet the author of a book. They lived in caves or off the coast of some lonely island writing their hearts out without pay. Now, I have friends that are authors. While they're not rich, they certainly aren't how I envisioned them as a kid. Having met these authors, I stopped believing I needed to be "special" to write a book or novel. I started believing if I had something positive to say that could fill up a book, then I could become an author.

What about you? What are three things you believed as a kid, that you stopped believing as you got older?

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    Oct 7 2011: Cowboys weren't real....then I married one.

    Hamburger and milk came from the grocery store...then I raised the cows that made them.

    Marriage is forever... well, you can probably guess what happened to the cowboy. :)
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    Oct 6 2011: I used to believe that adults knew what they were talking about. That they were "smart". This was first challenged, for me, when I found myself at school doing our required "atomic bomb" drills. We were told that it was to protect us from the A Bomb. Having seen atomic explosions on TV I realized that adults must not really be as smart as they want us to believe.

    As a child I also understood that being six years old was very different than being ten, but I thought that once you were an adult your world, your life, no longer changed. As I got older I came to realize how much both you and your world change as you go through each stage. The world looks different at thirty, than at sixty.

    As a child I uncritically accepted what I saw on TV. One day while putting toothpaste on my toothbrush my father told me not to use so much - " you don't need all that." I realized I was doing it this way because I had seen commercials on TV. In the commercial the toothbrush was always piled high with toothpaste. I didn't realize that that what I saw on TV was just to get me to use more so we had to buy more. A simple lesson but one I've found very useful.
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      Oct 7 2011: What you mentioned about believing what you saw on TV just reminded me - i grew up on Star Trek (now called TOS, at the time it was just "Star Trek" because it was wholly unique!) and as a kid I really thought that by the time I grew up we would have broken light speed and at least be able to send manned spacecraft to Pluto. Now it looks like I'll have to live to the ripe old age of 900+ to get a chance of seeing that!
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    Oct 7 2011: 1. That the trees held up the can't help being empiricists.
    2. That teachers and adults in general were so wise, looking back, they gave pretty convincing performances.
    3. That doctors could fix anything...I thought we were so advanced that they weren't just playing God.

    Children are simply idealists without all the facts, ignorance is childhood...and you thought I was going to say bliss.
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    Oct 3 2011: 1) That grown ups are actually grown up inside.
    2) That people who say that what they are telling you is the absolute truth are always telling the truth.
    3) That romantic love lasts forever.
  • Oct 9 2011: The beauty of being a child resides in the naivity and honesty of your thoughts and soul. Of course, as you grow older, you become more realistic in what you think and do, and you sometimes need to get a few slaps from life to actually realize, that what you believed in ever since, is not a really trustworthy.

    For me, one of the most crucial things that I discovered during the years was, that adults do not always have the truth, and that only because they are older and more experienced doesnt mean they are more capable of solving problems and living a right virtuous life.

    Another thing I discovered about people is, that they are pretty stupid. I do not mean intelectually (though sometimes that fits as well), but I mean "practically stupid". Many people lack empathy, vision and the ability to express and spread their opinions and thoughts. Egoism rules the mankind... that was a pretty irritating discovery. (Honor to the exceptions :))

    Anyways, even though growing older can be difficult sometimes, I am happy I can "move" in my life and develop my character through experiencing the new.
  • Oct 9 2011: I believed in santa.

    I believed in the easter bunny.

    I believed in god.

    I believed the infallibility of my parents and elders.

    adults were giants.

    my dad was the strongest man in the world.

    my dad was superman.

    I accepted racism.

    I accepted homophobia.

    I believed drugs were bad.

    I believed that if i loved somebody unconditionally that they would also.

    I believed summer lasted forever.

    5 minutes was an hour when i was a kid.

    I believed that politicians were selfless.

    I believed that true love was when your life turned into a happy perfect movie.

    I believed that if i saw something, could touch it, smell it it was 'real'....I believed my senses.

    I believed that everyone had the potential to be my best friend.

    'I want to believe' - Fox Mulder
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    Oct 8 2011: 1. advertisements

    I was eating a bowl of cocoa puffs the other day, reminiscing about how great they were as a kid. Then I realized all of my great cocoa puff memories were just me sitting in front of a television watching a little bird dance around. I was just a victim of clever marketing. Leggo my eggo! I loved shouting that. But it was just a catch phrase. Lift the brand-image veils and suddenly processed food seems pretty gross.

    2. the news

    Maybe it helped being young during the internet boom. I like learning, keeping up with current events and the web has been an incredible tool in this regard. It's just that when you have easy access to just about every news source out there, the mainstream ones start to seem a bit below the mark. Seeing what they selectively cover, and the slant they add, reveals a lot of sensationalism, sometimes propaganda and often enough the stories just aren't accurate.

    3. credibility

    Maybe this goes with children seeing adults as gods, but the whole world seems much more benevolent when you're younger. Laws are there to uphold morals and keep us safe. Pharmaceutical companies are here to help us. Government and corporations alike have a kind of innocence about them. Fast forward 20 years and it almost seems like the people are being herded every which way and farmed for their dollars. Propaganda, when produced by corporations, is called advertising, encouraged and happily accepted by the public. Laws are often enough passed with political or financial goals. Swaying the viewpoint of the masses is an invaluable device in any democratic free market.
  • Oct 7 2011: 1. If you hide under your blanket, nothing can harm you.
    2. Your success is directly correlated with your education.
    3. Time goes by too slow...
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    Oct 4 2011: 1. I used to believe that life is easy and now I believe it even more ... it's all a matter of semantics. Actually, everyone but me knows this isn't true! Oh, well ... it's hard sometimes to kick the old habit out.
    2. That adults have more fun ... well, not SO true anymore. :(
    3. I'll have all of my friends around ... as you can guess that didn't turn out well either. Still glad there are a few of them left. Still A few!
    • Oct 4 2011: Ooops!! You've caught me in another of my beliefs ... I also still believe that life is easy ... it's getting what I want that is hard!! Seriously though, it's not life that is easy or hard, but how I think about it .... and that I do have (some) control over ..
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        Oct 5 2011: Indeed! Wanting leaves you in hunger and that's hard to fill up. :( What is there really that we can't control? Other people. All our life is in our hands. :) Let's brighten up and lose the strings. Let's be free kids (at least spiritually) again ... ah, how I'd love that! As children we pull the strings but as adults we get all of ours pulled.
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    Oct 4 2011: 1. That the members of my immediate family(mom dad sister brother) would die in order of our ages.
    2.That all you needed was talent to become successful.
    3 That racial predjudice could be overcome with intelligence and working together.
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    Oct 3 2011: That crying was shameful so I had to be tough because people who cried were losers. Now, I quite envy people who express their emotions easily and find it quite liberating when i shed a few tears.

    That there was a third world where people were always hungry and I was a bad person for not eating my spuds. Now I believe there is only one big world where, yes, a lot of people are still hungry however, I don't need to go too far to see it. And, no, I'm not a bad person.

    That God was this really annoying old man who needed a good shave and that was always going to be on my case. Now, I simply don't believe in God.
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    Oct 3 2011: That higher states of consciousness were just as rife with politics and conflict as daily life. That people in positions of power were smarter than me. That science and scientists were not motivated by greed, turf control and ideology.
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    Oct 3 2011: I used to believe that everyone grew at a set rate as they aged. So I was convinced that my father was older then my grandfather, as my father was the taller of the two.

    Having grown up in a rather religious house, I also believed that people could be grouped into two categories. You were either christian, or you belonged to a cult. The shock of my life when I met someone who was in a different religion then my family, and yet they were still a nice person. Didn't bite the head off of a rodent in my presence or anything.

    There was also the belief that I could believe everything that I was told by a teacher without question. I went to a private christian school, and was taught that evolution was a lie. That scientist and archaeologists were only able to tell the age of dinosaur bones based off of the layer of dirt that they were found in, and that they only knew how old the dirt was, based off of which bones they found in that layer. The doors of my bubble were blown wide open when I came across an article about carbon dating.

    I believed that people did good things, for good reasons. After taking a step to the side and viewing religion from a different perspective, I noticed that many (if not most) people do good things for selfish reasons. That the kind act is sometimes being motivated by a belief in a later reward. I began seeing it in friendships as well. How people would attempt to reconnect with people that they hadn't spoken to in awhile, when they knew that they would require help shortly. For example, a person who suddenly becomes extremely friendly a month before they are planning on moving. Then asking everyone to help out, only to then stop talking to everyone again once all of the furniture has been moved.
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    Oct 3 2011: I believed that everything was forever.
    Summer....until autumn took it down
    Pain....until it stopped hurting
    Joy....until ....well....umm....actually.... joy is forever.....
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      Oct 5 2011: You are a joy for keeps, Juliette. :) Outta thumbs up for you again this week though. :(
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        Oct 5 2011: That makes two of us Siliva!
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      Oct 7 2011: I wholly agree about Joy: Joy is a mindset, a state of being. Happiness is caused by circumstances, and can be fleeting. Joy is a level that you have been brought to . . . you can constantly be in a state of joy even if you are or are not at the moment happy.
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        Oct 7 2011: Thank You Verble, Silvia and Debra
        Joy is always there inside us, but sometimes it becomes really hard to reach in and get in touch with it, especially when we feel sad.
        • Oct 8 2011: Juliette!! You're so awesome!!!

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    Oct 3 2011: Besides Santa and the tooth fairy, I used to innocently believe that if you are a good person, nothing bad will happen to you. Somehow your good deeds will put you in a protective bubble and only bad people would get hurt. As an adult, I know the truth: really bad things happen to really good people. As I got older and looked around at my family and friends, I saw bad things - losing a home through no fault of their own, diabetes, heart attack, cancers, immune disorders, car accidents, job loss. Though I continue to try to send good out to the universe and pay it forward, I stopped believing in that particular fairytale.
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      Oct 3 2011: C'est la vie.

      Deborah I'm glad to hear it doesn't stop you from still doing good where you can. Can you share a moment where it may have been tough to do good, but you did anyway?
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        Oct 3 2011: My answer may sound trite, but actually it was giving a dollar to a homeless man. I was recently in a car accident which resulted in losing a steady job as copywriter and graphic designer. Last week, I saw a man with a sign asking for assistance while taking my child to school. Bringing in no income, it was tough to think about giving my last dollar to someone who could be "faking" it. We hear stories about scammers all the time. But I rolled down my window anyway. I realized a dollar wouldn't make or break me either way. I would rather risk be scammed than ignore a person in need.
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      Oct 3 2011: Deborah.
      I think there's crept in a flaw in that story.
      As I said in response to another question that there are no bad people so you can derive from that that there are no good people either.
      Yet if one is connected to the core of all being and lives in trust and peace for all, good things come.
      If not and someone is in fear or anger, disappointed or uncertain, he or she disconnect and attracts all causes for that fear, for that anger to become disappointed and chaotic.
      So keep the good feeling and cherish it.
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    Oct 9 2011: I used to believe that people can be happy only if they are rich until I saw a nomad living in an almost dry land in a down hill place but very happy with her kids and family.

    That really changed my mind & even now the question sometimes comes to my mind that how can someone with such a poor living standard can still be happy.
  • Oct 8 2011: I believed that if you swallowed a seed, from a citrus fruit, that that tree would grow in your stomach.
    I believed in magic. thank you amazing Randi.
    I believed buying things would make you happy.
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    Oct 8 2011: I love hugs....thanks...a warm hug in return :-)
  • Oct 7 2011: The concept of good people and bad people
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    Oct 6 2011: I believed I could fly (like just raise my arm and take flight). I still kinda believe this.
    I thought that Teddy Ruxpin was my best friend.
    I believed that my dad was everyone's Santa Claus.
    • Oct 8 2011: I believed I could fly. so funny. You should believed your father was everyone's Santa Claus.^_^
  • Oct 6 2011: that everything in the past is black and white like an old movie
    • Oct 8 2011: funny O(∩_∩)O
    • Oct 8 2011: Strange, butthat is something i also believed as a child. And even today it is very hard for me to think in colour about things from my childhood.
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    Oct 6 2011: for me, learning that my parents are not equal to god was a big eye-opener. also, it was tough coming to terms with the apparent reality that no fairy tale land filled with dragons, elves, and pixies exists. lastly, monotheism.
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    Oct 6 2011: Three things, eh?
    1) I believed everything revolved around me. (When I became a parent, boy, did THAT change!)
    2) I believed no matter what, that mom and dad would always be around. (But now I understand the importance of creating that feeling for my own kids)
    3) I believed that I was being raised in the land of the free and the home of the brave. When I grew us and studied what my country is and what it does, has done, continues to do . . . well, now I'm not so sure that we're all that "brave."
  • Oct 4 2011: 1. I used to believe that everything should be fair, that life is fair .... now I see that life is! It's is not fair or unfair, simply is.
    2. That there is an answer for everything .... now I believe that there are more questions than answers and that they are more important to consider.
    3. That somebody else knew better than me what was right for me .... now I don't really believe in things being right or wrong, it's what I make of them that matters
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      Oct 4 2011: Sounds like you've found peace and balance in what you used to believe and what you believe now Tricia. Am I right?
      • Oct 4 2011: I have ... for now!! Though it frequently surprises me how old habits of belief resurface. Surrendering dependencies .... whether in a religion, a guru, a mentor, a higher power, magic, or whatever, .... is challenging. I wonder though, as times change for me, how my beliefs will continue to change .... "when I was a child I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man I put away childish things ..." It seems to me that there may be beliefs that are more suited to different stages of our lives .... after all, they are beliefs (not facts, however much I would like to believe otherwise!!)
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    Oct 3 2011: 1/ Evolution has foresight

    2/ Sex is disgusting

    3/ Homeopathy works
  • Oct 10 2011: 1. That all men were as strong, honest and hardworking as my dad
    2. That the perfect lives on TV sitcoms were real
    3. That my first love would be my last
  • Oct 10 2011: 1. growing up watching captain planet (a cartoon series) i thought i was responsible for everyone around me - but no.

    2. i thought every lady was kind because mama was always kind - but no, quite the opposite.

    3. i thought doing everything right meant nothing wrong/ bad gonna come your way - but no, you can do everything right and still get the wrong/bad stuff. sometimes you might even say those who took the "wrong route" got the best places but ....

    things are just not what they seem
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    Oct 10 2011: 1. That marriage was a sacred committment that was for life.
    2. That being a good person guaranteed happiness.
    3. That investing time, energy, and money in gaining an education would lead to meaningful employment.

    I have learned that:
    1. Marriage comes in all flavours, and relationships can be committed ones without marriage.
    2. Being a good person guarantees self-respect, but happiness is a choice and attitude, not a result of actions.
    3. An education is never wasted, but at times one must find meaning and 'usefulness' outside of employment.
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    Oct 10 2011: When I was a kid, I believed that my father was a superhero. He told me that he had a magic ring that when put on his finger gave him extraordinary strength. I remember one time he walked over to a picnic table and asked me to try and lift one end of it up, I was only 7 and couldn't lift the heavy table. He then tried to lift it too and pretended it was too heavy for him too. He then put his "magic ring" on and then lifted the end of the table up over his head with a mighty roar.

    My dad has always supported my endeavors. I am a musician and play in a band: my father went to almost every show we played. I am the co-founder of a website called Hubski -a thoughtful web and although he has no idea what a "social aggregator" is, he visits the site often and lets me know of the "new ideas and information" he has learned as a result. -Recently, my wife, daughter and I moved from Michigan to North Carolina. My father helped us load up a giant moving truck and drove the truck to NC for us.

    You probably see where I'm heading with this... although I no longer think he's a superhero, I definitely think he's pretty super.

    I can't wait till my daughters old enough to "believe" in my "magic ring".

    Great topic, thanks for the remembrance.
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    Oct 10 2011: 1. I believed/brought up to trust in the government
    2.The American Dream
    3. Talent beats hard work ; when indeed hard work beats talent because talent does not work as hard.
  • Oct 9 2011: 1) I thought everyone was my friend.

    2) All my teddies/toys had feelings and would come alive when I wasn't there. (Pre-toy story).

    3) I believed in magic.
  • Oct 9 2011: Finally, one belief that really caught me by surprise was the belief that the more i educated myself and studied life the closer i would come to understanding god, life, death and religion....

    Education took me further than a god ever could.
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    Oct 9 2011: 3 Things I believed as a kid and am starting to believe again:

    1. I'm made of sunshine

    2. We all won. We all win. No exceptions for a particular game. Every time. We all won

    3. Everyone always does the best they THINK they can to be happy and bring happiness to others, whether they think of it on those terms or not.
  • Oct 9 2011: Actually I googled big bang debunked to find the name of the film and there are numerous articles on the paradigm shift that debunks the theory I will read them in am and get back to you.
  • Oct 9 2011: Sorry I saw a special on the learning channel while watching tv I will now have to watch it on netflex to get my facts straight. It is a theory . And i find evolutionist, intelligent design and creationist tend to lump things together sometimes
    I will rewatch the show and get back to you
  • Oct 8 2011: I say follow the money. If somebody is receiving big grants I am not sure I believe them. Anyway I would not believe anything that was drummed into me either. It was not until I met the person of Jesus Christ that I believed, It was amazing but it is personal. For a fun view watch Expelled droll
  • Oct 8 2011: I just figured you figured that out as an adult not a child. Money really did not come to me as real until I began to pay bills. I know blue collar workers who wish they were professors! Read the book by Crawford's Shopclass as Soul craft. I believe we have forced people into certain jobs, anyway Mr. Crawford is a great Professor who enjoys fixing vintage motorcycles
  • Oct 8 2011: 1I used to believe that Iove lasts for ever.
    2I believed in God and angels and I thought that they live in clouds but as I was growing up there were some unclarities(aeroplanes etc..):)
    3I believed that old lady from Titanic is real.
    4I believed that Gipsies eat people..(o gosh:D)
    5 I believed in after life. Now I know that there is only one chance to enjoy living with all its pros and cons.
  • Oct 8 2011: I believed in honesty when someone gave you their word.

    I believed a handshake meant we closed a deal.

    I believe in taking responsibility and not blaming G-d for everything.

    I do not believe in dictators, and genocide, and thieves of the world.

    I believe we should find the positive and work with that , not use fear to hurt more.

    I believe we need to take back our world and do a better job.
  • Oct 8 2011: I used to believe that time heals all wounds.
    Now I believe there is nothing that a good wound won't heal.

    I used to believe Americans worship good.
    Now I know they worship lies.Neuroses.

    I used to believe Americans.
    Now I believe American'ts.
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    Oct 8 2011: Some of these responses triggered a memory about the way time works in a child's mind. I remember being very indignant when my younger sister would insist that she remembered being older than I was. She would talk of things we did together when she was older than I was.

    Many years later when I had children of my own, my kids struggled with time issues as well. They are all born in January and February and the youngest follows the eldest in January with the three others in February. For a few years I had to deal with the bruised feelings of my February boys when their younger sister got her birthday party before theirs. They were convinced that because they were older theirs should come before hers.
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    Oct 8 2011: 1) I believed my mother love was forever till she broke my heart. At that time borderline was unknown.
    2) I believed that when I was sweet enough and worked hard enough Iwould gain the respect of my father. As a pleaser this has had a big effect in my adult life.
    3) I believed as a dreamer that as a Super Hero I could make the world a better place. I found out that this not as easy as in my dreams but found out we can be all Super Heros if we use the talents we have inhereted to help others where we can make that better place together.
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      Oct 8 2011: Dear Aad, I hope you still believe in hugs because I am sending one your way! Big Huuuuuuuggggggggg!
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    Oct 8 2011: 1). That I should always want to be happy. Happiness is meaningless without sadness. My life became far richer and deeper when I allowed myself to be sad.

    2). Listening to any one of dozens of people I trusted as authorities. Disillusionment has always a difficult phase.

    3). Drugs are bad. They're not. They're just different.
  • Oct 8 2011: 1. People are all ethical and try to help each other move forward!

    2. I was born athletic and nothing can change it... some 15 years after... got injured, gained a lot of weight, started smoking and noticed how bad choices can ruin anything!

    3. That I will reincarnate, because of a cartoon I watched, hehe, now i think we do go to the other side
  • Oct 8 2011: Three things that I believe as a kid that aren't inherently true
    1) Money doesn't make you happy. Growing up as the kid in a private school, that lived on the other side of the tracks, I thought that money would make me happy. It certainly doesn't make me unhappy but it isn't what defines me.

    2) Mother knows best. I love my mother and she is an incredible inspiration and definitely molded me to whom I am today but looking back, she wasn't ALWAYS right (though she had my best intentions in mind)

    3) Smart people were nerdy or they amaze me and inspire me to network and learn
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    Oct 8 2011: 1. I used to believe the world is only what & whom you interact with.That was all for me.Until i started reading & stumbled on Internet. That was for good.
    2. To know something you always need a Teacher or a organization.But thanks to knowledge itself i know it is not so.
    3. You have to go a particular way only in which the society has decided the paths. Now i realize that no, its the courage i& confidence in oneself i can change & create my own route & there are routes which are not preferred but were always there.
    4. Vegetables are not edible for me. After trying to learn to cook, its amazing how much variety you get.
  • Oct 8 2011: 1. I used to beleive honesty was the best policy.
    2. I used to believe people were inherently 'good'.
    3. I used to beleive that everyone was trying to do their best.

    Getting older, I realised that honesty is the ultimate example of weakness in our society.
    I realised that right and wrong, good and bad, are simple terms defined by someone who wants us to make THEIR life/job easier, not ours.
    I realised that the only people who are actually trying their best,(at anything), are young and naiive enough to be 'used', and they ususally are (being used).
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    Oct 8 2011: I thought Pegasus is there in real , which I will find out once grow up, to roam around.....getting older started roaming around but without Pegasus

    I thought there are kingdoms under the sea where many princesses are captive in the hands of demons & I will make them free and marry one .......growing up knew that's not there

    I thought our neighbours are our family members we just live different houses because of space reason and we all will stay together in similar way for ever ..... with growing up I saw dispersion of even family members
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    Oct 7 2011: How many times is the race card played in politics, hiring and life . How many times have honest people been used and left behind on a daily basis for political correctness of political expediency? How many times has someone helped another only to be attacked for the helping action by others? I do not know anymore how manytimes but I know it is a huge number and I fervently wish it was lower
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    Oct 7 2011: 1. I believed that people would want to get rid of being racist in themselves and others
    2. I believed that if we helped others and were honest that we could be accepted
    3. I believed that if I was the best qualified person I would be hired
    Now I know those are all empty beliefs
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      Oct 7 2011: James, I hope they are not completely empty. I still believe in at least the first two. Can you believe a bit longer or at least with the right people?
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      Oct 7 2011: Dear James, I agree with Debra.
      Please hang on to all three. I read a quote this morning and am sorry can't remember the source...but it said; "when you get to the end of your rope tie a knot and hang on"
      Also not sure if you have had a chance to watch this talk but I found it really inspirational.
  • Oct 7 2011: Thanks for your reminding of my memory of childhood, and I suddenly found that little things I can remember when I try to look backward. It's a very gloomy when I will get older.
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    Oct 7 2011: 1.Hard-working, educated and intelligent people go on to be the most wealthy because we live in a meritocracy. My school and parents inculcated me with this belief. Now I see the hardest working, most-intelligent people working for pretty terrible money - Oxbridge graduates and PHDs earning less than bus-drivers. The world is about networks, the ability to be streetsmart - doing your homework isn't going to get you rich.

    2 If you get sick you go to the doctors and they get you better. It's more like if you get sick the Doctors will take a stastical shot at giving you something to help - a lot of the time they are powerless.

    3. I also thought that if you ate cream once you were doomed to obesity as my nursery school teacher told me - 'that will make you fat you know'.
    • Oct 8 2011: No one you believed that as a child. Children are much to innocent to be cynical . Maybe the Oxford grad does not care about the money maybe he is living his passion and maybe the bus driver wishes he had less money and more education. Also doing my homework did get rich, I just did not study what they told me to.In the book Trout Fishing in America there is a poem that says ," MY teachers might as well have ridden with Jessie James For all the Time they stole from me. Create your own life , free yourself from bitterness and get on with it
      As a child i believed my father could fix anything and until my sister died he did.
      I also believed that clouds were marshmallows.
      Also I thought people I loved would always live and they did not.
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        Oct 8 2011: I'm not sure I understand - as a child you're innocent and are educated to believe that the world is a meritocracy - This is exactly what children are brought up to believe - that's my point as a child your honest and you do your homework because you want to get good grades to learn and impress your teachers and be rewarded etc and because you think it's all so important. It's only as an adult that you see that all of that isn't what cuts it out there - I don't really think it's cynicism to point that out: 5 or 6 other people on this thread have made comments to that effect. It's uncomfortable to know how little value a lot of what you learn is in comparison with things like connections and social grace but it's common knowledge that grades and qualifications etc aren't enough in most jobs (although they are requisite in a few of the traditional professions such as medecine and law). I don't understand how you can say you got rich doing your homework but just didn't do the homework you were told to do - that sentence makes no sense - it's a contradiction. Homework is the work you were set by your teachers at home. If you pursued your own interests that's means you were independent - not doing your homework.

        I wasn't talking about some abstract argument when I mentioned the Oxbridge grads and PHDs I know - I'm talking about real people I know and speak to and who tell me this - they need to eat and live so they do care about money and they do find it annoying that they could have done the same jobs or ones earning the equivalent money without investing many years and tens of thousands studying. I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but I thought that was what this topic was about - people's movement from naievety to a fuller understanding - from one view of the world to another even if this involves doing away with long cherished ideas.
  • Oct 6 2011: I believed as a kid that the cartoon characters on TV existed, but later I understood that I was wrong. I also believed that teachers are the most intelligent people in this world when I was kid and now, I find myself to be more intelligent than them.
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    Oct 6 2011: Father Christmas.
    Easter Bunny.
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      . .

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      Oct 6 2011: Please don't close the book on magic Scott :-) :-)
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    Oct 4 2011: 1)Stopped believing in having beliefs.
    2)Stopped believing in my own immortality.
    3)Stopped believing in the endless bounty of civilization
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    Oct 4 2011: 1. God or some kind of Omnipotent, All-Knowing and All-Just Being.
    2. The Goodness in People.
    3. Everlasting Prosperity and Fearlessness, here in the USA.
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    Oct 4 2011: 1.i believed in god as a kid.... a kid i used to think there are only 2 shades of people good or bad...but now i realise grey is the commonest... i kid i never imagined that grown ups hav to deal with so much stress
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      Oct 4 2011: The stress of being an adult was a surprise for me also when I grew up. I could never have imagined just what my parents and family had to go through on a daily basis to take care of me and my sisters. That was probably my most eye opening lesson.
    • Oct 8 2011: I guess rashi can read my mind. Those were also my 3 believes as a child. So indeed we aren't that different at all!
  • Oct 4 2011: When the other kids at my daycare started to question santa claus my parents tell me I said "I don't think we should poke around in that". I guess I wanted to continue to believe in santa but I couldn't. That memory is so old I can't remember it, I've just been told that I said that. I didn't grow up to an eyes-closed-denialist either, I've given up most of my notions of wishful thinking and I'm totally into science and all that. But I still remember feeling really crushed about losing some of those beautiful-lies, and I think that feeling is important to remember.
  • Oct 4 2011: Religion - In my case, Christianity
    I think that I was simply brought up with it like many people are, then as it slowly deteriorated in our family, when we stopped going to church and I started progressing through my teens, I really started thinking about the effects of praying and the story of the bible ans so on. I came to the conclusion that it is somewhat like a placebo effect; you are told it is there and that a God will answer your prayers as children. This increased our confidence, so when we did pray we automatically knew someone was listening and therefore it helped us. I guess science has also been a big factor with evolution and the big bang rather than divine creation. I'm in no way arguing that I'm correct, these are just my views that have resulted from my life so far.

    Oh also! That weed is not so bad after all. After being pounded by the media saying it causes schizophrenia and psychosis, I've done research myself, and actually saw a documentary this evening and have come to the conclusion that it is indeed not so bad at all. I think especially my generation (born in 93) the Government might have just been starting to grasp the fact that it was behind many of the riots and revolution attempts in society.
    • Oct 8 2011: Funny I found Christianity during the 70' in my 20's after having been raised by brilliant people, by the way even evolutionist no longer really believe in a big bang.
      I am a nurse and all I can say is check out who makes the documentaries you watch. In the 1970' we were told babies were just blobs until 9 months, ever seen a 1lb premie sure does not look like a blob to me
      • Oct 8 2011: Well who knows, I too could find it in my twenties, I'm by no means saying that I won't. Just right now I feel as if it has been drummed into me and I havn't chosen to follow it with my own decisions. And I believe that I too am being raised by 'brilliant' people. I think almost anyone could consider their own family as 'brilliant', despite their flaws. Well a documentary on the universe just a few weeks ago on the abc here in Australia led by a world known physicist still seemed to mention that it all started with the big bang, so maybe it's you who needs to check out the documentaries you watch?
      • Oct 9 2011: What the hell do you mean, evolutionists don't believe in the big bang? First of all, evolution and the big bang theory are two totally different areas of the scientific spectrum, so no biologist has any place talking about the big bang on the level of, say, a physicist or cosmologist. Second of all, the big bang is just a theory regarding the rapid expansion of space in the early universe. It is without a doubt in the scientific community that the universe had to begin somewhere.
  • Oct 4 2011: As a kid,
    1. I believed that I cannot be a scientist because scientists are born and I am not as intelliegent as they are. However, as I get older I could understand I can become a scientist if I try and want. Many of my friends told me that scientists have Big brain or mind, but I do not believe in that and it's possible to achieve most things.
    2. I believed that I will always live with my parents. Nevertheless, now even if I love my parents I should live away from my parents and get used to this.
    3. I believed that I can be like Socrates, or Aristotles but now I believe that being alike others is ingoring myself. I now choose being myself.
    • Oct 8 2011: You will be great! You have just the right brain for what ever you choose to do
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    Oct 4 2011: 1)I was picked up by my mother in a dustbin;
    2)Wasting flour wouid be punished by Dragon God;
    3)I would never grow up.
  • Oct 4 2011: Our dream. When we are involving the massive society, the cruel fact will make us know what The life is
  • Oct 4 2011: There are three things I still believe since I am a kid.
    1.Everyone want peace inside and outside.
    2.Every emotion is the power from our life.
    3.You must learn to share.
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    Oct 4 2011: I think our belief, our truth, about ourselves is what changes. Your parents dictate your truth to you and you become that truth. Such as, "Mary is ___________." Hopefully, as we grow into out own lives we know our truth, we know what we are, and now it is, "I am _________" Oila!
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    Oct 4 2011: 1. "Gypsies are bad people."
    2. "There is only one god and Mohammad is his prophet."
    3. "Adults never tell a lie."

    Now I am no longer a kid, so I believe that gypsies are good people. Adults tell lies each day. Islam is no longer a good belief for me.
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    Oct 3 2011: As a kid.....

    I believed that living in a democratic "1st World" country meant that the government looked after everyone and that poor people had chosen to live a poor lifestyle.

    I believed that the world would become prettier with more nature, less garbage and waste and that we would grow out of our ugly concrete jungle phase.

    I believed that when I grew up I would have ample time for family, friends, learning, reading, experimentation, art, leisure and travel and that I would not work as many hours as my parents.