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TED Speaker Julian Treasure: What would a conscious listening world be like – and how do we get there?

In my talk from this year's TEDGlobal, I warned that we are losing our listening, and explored the links between listing and connection, understanding and peace. How do you think listening (or the lack of it) affects our society? And what would a world of conscious listening be like? How would your life experience change? Is it something worth striving for – and if so, how do we get there? And how can you contribute?

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    Oct 17 2011: It seems we un-learn some of our ability to listen consciously.

    In a recent project in Switzerland called "City Life" a group of children spent a week digitally recording the soundscape of their town, led by musician Luca Congedo. By Friday they had created a huge map of the city and were able to express with startling clarity the audio environment. This attention to the sound of things (they recorded patients in hospitals and machines and animals and plants,..) provided them with access to a rich detail of other sensations of the places including smells and colors and emotions.

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