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TED Speaker Julian Treasure: What would a conscious listening world be like – and how do we get there?

In my talk from this year's TEDGlobal, I warned that we are losing our listening, and explored the links between listing and connection, understanding and peace. How do you think listening (or the lack of it) affects our society? And what would a world of conscious listening be like? How would your life experience change? Is it something worth striving for – and if so, how do we get there? And how can you contribute?

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  • Oct 14 2011: Not sure if we should see this as only about noise and listening by its meaning as a word. In my view, it is about mind switch, change of perception and behavior. We all can hear when our brains get the signals and when our heart pay attention then we can get the message! The heart whispers and sometimes this is the listening skill we miss the most.
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      Oct 16 2011: Take a look at the distinction I make in the talk about listening positions... heart listening is important in several of these, but not all. for example, listening to an academic lecture or a teacher is probably hampered, not helped, by engaging the heart too much.

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