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In my opinion, sometimes west part of our world go to the wrong way.You find your enemy ,and you make your people in danger.

All I want to say is that ,if we change a way ,we try to find our friends in the east part of world and strenghten our relationship.You will find we are kind and peace-loving as you are.

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    Oct 3 2011: well said. chinese people and the chinese government are exactly as peace loving as their western counterparts.

    for example the chinese government is actively seeking ways to dominate or invade countries, just like britain did for centuries, or the US does today. and similarly, the people in china or in the west don't want those expansionary policies, and they just want to live their lives in peace.

    the only remaining question is why people support their governments if those governments do evil things.
  • Oct 3 2011: Thank you for saying that, it's something people realy need to hear. It's our governments and not us that want to dominate, your government is included. People of the worlsd are generally peaceful but our governments are quite another story.
  • Oct 4 2011: I don't know what the third war maybe.Maybe after the war,we should fight against a tiger with a wood stick for survive.I'm sure all technology will be destoryed.Believe it or not ,we human are dangerous enough to clear ourselvs.So I just want to tell the world that be careful about your strenght.If the power is too stronge to be controled,the fate of the owner come to the end.
  • Oct 4 2011: I think governments all over the world (whether in the West, East or elsewhere) someimes engage in wars or unethical behaviours. It depends on how much their citizens are informed, educated and involved in politics and state affairs.

    We can learn from exceptions. Many countries in Europe like Norway, Austria and Sweden have prosperous economy with peaceful agenda. Other countries like New Zealend, North Korea and Philippines also seem to prefer peace?
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    Oct 3 2011: I don't think there should be any difference between East and West. The East is or soon will be more Western that the West is. The East has better technology and wants to become Westernized. I think we should help the East and all developing nations create an industrial economic foundation so they can raise their standard of living.
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    Oct 3 2011: This is just adorable.
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    Oct 3 2011: Maybe it is because there is something different in our minds,and we look the world from dirfferent perspectives.We are firmly in favor of harmnoy ,every kind global citizen will do.
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    Oct 3 2011: Hello Walt! I am glad you are here at TED and that you posted your opinion.

    You are certainly right that sometimes the governments of the west have led us in the wrong direction. I do not believe it is an easy thing to steer a ship of state that includes millions of people with diverse opinions. The citizens of the world, including the people of China need to be more involved and more vocal about which directions our nations travel. If we, the citizens of the world really want peace, we cannot just talk about it. We must demand it of our leaders. We must refuse to send our children to war. If everyone went back to believing that it was wrong to kill and held fast to that belief there would be no more wars. When one soldier fires at another in a different uniform, they must forget that they are killing someone who could have been a friend in another circumstance. This is what governments have had the power to make people do.
    I hope you will help to ensure that your government does not travel the wrong road. I will do what I can from here.