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What is the number one thing you should improve in order to become a persuasive sales person?

No matter if you are selling gym memberships, insurance, or an idea, our economy runs on the ability of citizens to sell their products, services and ideas to others. Before people set out on this journey it may be useful to develop some interpersonal skills or communication strategies.

With so many factors playing a role in the sales process, what is the most important? Top 3? Top 10?

Example would include, scripts, materials, belief in system or idea...

Throw out your opinion and help the rest of us sell!


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    Oct 4 2011: .
    Trying to smile more convincingly.

    Remember the opening scene of Oliver Stone's movie "Nixon", in which the man who tries to teach another man how to become a good salesperson. The scene ends with the man saying: "nothing sells like sincerity", and then adds a really bad, fake smile.
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      Oct 8 2011: Haha! So true. Love that scene.

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