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What is the number one thing you should improve in order to become a persuasive sales person?

No matter if you are selling gym memberships, insurance, or an idea, our economy runs on the ability of citizens to sell their products, services and ideas to others. Before people set out on this journey it may be useful to develop some interpersonal skills or communication strategies.

With so many factors playing a role in the sales process, what is the most important? Top 3? Top 10?

Example would include, scripts, materials, belief in system or idea...

Throw out your opinion and help the rest of us sell!


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    Oct 3 2011: Really becoming customer-centric is the key for long term success.
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      Oct 8 2011: Debra I would agree entirely. What do you say is the first thing that would push someone towards being customer-centric? I my self would say that someone would have to develop Empathy.
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        Oct 8 2011: Shane, yes, empathy is key. If you go in trying to make a sale you might get one and you might not. If you go in with the goal of making your customer's life easier and ensuring their success with the help of your own skills coupled with your product you have a great chance of making a relationship and also a stream of revenue. No one likes to be used and sales calls can often be blatant attempts as manipulation and 'closing techniques'. You are bringing an offering to a person with needs and wants and requirements of their own. The wise person in sales clues in to how they can be really useful to their client.

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