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Should the internet be a fundamental right?

80 % people around the world believe that internet access is a fundamental right.
The revolution in Egypt shows that internet (in that case mostly Twitter) is the tool to enhance ideas. TED.com is another example of that.
But as the same time people around the world do not have access to this magnificent and even if they have, it is under surveillance.
In we look at the Egyptian revolution, you will that the impact and the spread of the idea of 'we can change our country' came from the internet. Twitter was not only a logistic tool but also a powerful spreading tool.
Mass media follow the revolution on Twitter.
So my question is 'should the internet be a fundamental right?'
And if it is how do we define it?


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    Mar 6 2011: When Muhamed Elbaradi (awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005) came to Egypt in 2009 and talked in Tv shows about our opportunities to change regime and live in more democratic country that enhance our human rights and our rights to live with dignity we thought that this was just a dream that can't happen as the regime is going to be powered more and more by his corrupt businessmen that control everything in our life even the parliament which was falsified.Finally i found an invitation in Facebook site to go to streets just go there rise your hands and say no and ask for justice for bread , first i hesitated anybody went in streets before was arrested by security state i thought that this would't work with this regime and in jan 25 i found all people in streets all accepted invitations in facebook and twitter and move from our visualize world to the reality to the streets. we started to go streets in all towns and took photographs and videos for killed people and to show how they were killed uploading them and all sharing them and watching other videos from other towns to be powered more and more. After days the regime stop internet services in the country ....but too late all people are in the streets and the event invitation is in the "Hapening now" status too late Mubarak !.
    Jan 25 Revolution that started with a simple "Click" in the internet and this simple click was the reason for 85 million person got their dreams back that have been stolen for 30 years.and we are planing now by same simple click how to build our country.
    it is too lone story i tried to show it with my poor English .
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      Mar 7 2011: Hey Mahmoud. You mentioned things took a dramatic turn on 25 Jan when large amount of people overcame their fear and came together.

      I'm wondering what's caused the mental shift for the majority of people? Since I deeply understand your previous concern that things would never work out. I still feel the same about the Chinese government. Curious how did the mental shift come about.
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        Mar 7 2011: That is an intriguing thought, look how quickly things have changed in the world in the last month. When a group of people with a common thought or goal which is focused act as one it is as though they have created a movement which is unstoppable. The internet is an amazing vehicle for change, weather or not it is a right? I believe it is a necessity for the greater good, how we get such a powerful too into the hands of those who most need it is the challenge.
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        Mar 8 2011: There a lot of Egyptians youth that are active in social networks.When the event started it has been shared in many types as an event, photos , videos ,pages and groups all of them with the same idea 25 jan we must all of us be in streets.in the day jan 25 who in streets were internet youth and some political parts. The voices that asked to join that event was so loud in internet and alert to people that they must ask for better life.that was only the beginning and in 28 jan Friday was the real change because all people after pray in mosques went to streets ,christians too did the same.that's the change the fear barrier is destroyed all want better life .in some manner all need to feel that he want to share in developing humanity need to feel that when works he will get an award like better life and some respect
        Internet is the life for a lot of people here when your PC is offline you just feel that it is "died"
        for me with it i can learn using tutorials,talks and attend open courses i can share ideas and contact with experts.i know well that it does not matter where am i now,if i have plans that will make my life better tomorrow.

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