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How can one person make a 1% contribution to the world?

I believe that my life will be worth something in this world and not just take up space if I can contribute atleast a 1% change(difference) in a positive way to the world that we live in accept I dont know how to do so yet. Does anyone have suggestions or know stories of such feats.

  • Oct 9 2011: Hi Igor,

    You would be surprised how much you can do with even the simplest good intention. For starters, try going out and doing one randomly good act for a person, and ask them to pass it along (in the same spirit as the movie "Pay it Forward"). If you are looking for a more tangible effect, here's a simple project that you can start, and if you manage to get more people involved it can have a huge impact!

    Start out by getting a jar (nothing specific, just a basic container). At the end of every day, take the change out of your pocket and put it into the jar. Once its full, put it in a bank account (not your own, make a special account for the money from the jar). Every year you take the money from the account and donate it, to a charity or a good cause (you pick how to use it, just put it to good use!). To make a bigger impact, try to get members of a church/co-workers to do the same thing. You would be surprised how quickly all of those pennies will add up!

    Remember, the first step of creating change is a clear intent of what you want to achieve: Everything that follows is just simply following the projection of that intent.
  • Oct 15 2011: Hi Igor, If you are able to make a difference in one person's life; you have already made a difference.If everyone would think like you; i am certain we all would live in a better place. For a while i questioned myself about the same and I realized that helping people around you is a powerful start.You are just not helping and supporting people that you love but you are also getting your own self ready for bigger challenges that often are emotional demanding.You might want to search if in your community,there are charities, causes or volunteer work that you can participate and maybe you can engage a couple of friends too..You can check out this website that gives you different links to charities and causes: http://www.nextgoodthing.com/Default.aspx?pageId=1141908 Good Luck and stay strong on your goal!
  • Oct 2 2011: 1. Find a way to cheaply convert salt water to fresh.
    2. Find a cure to a disease that afflicts 1% of the population.
    3. Find a way to grow food in harsh environments
    4. Find a way to extend life of improve the quality of life for 1% of the population.
    5. Find a way to align ideologies and reduce hatred between people.

    1% is a loft goal. You might like the story of one starfish at a time.