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Is what and who we are looking for right under our nose?

When I worked on my Masters Degree there were a lot of the group who wanted to DO something. We all seemed to get along quite well so I suggested that we do something together. A group of inspired people all of who love the same thing how can we loose I thought? No takers. Wow! I thought.

Might that be the same with TED? We obviously in a broad sense want the same things, peace, education, creativity and solutions, surely we can move beyond wonderful talks and get together as groups to actually complete projects and goals. Think of what might be achieved with the collective talents and wisdom of TEDsters?

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    Feb 24 2011: That's what I'm desperately hoping is the case. I honestly believe the way through the challenges in the years ahead is going to be lit by the passion of people who come together and trade their ideas--combining them and forming new ones in the process. In the few years that I've been in the TED orbit, I've already had the privilege of watching amazing things happen by the connections that are being made.

    For example, on the Mission Blue Voyage last year (part of Sylvia Earle's TEDPrize), I watched as people from all over the ocean community came together and made new connections, formed new plans, and crafted new projects. Most of these are now happening outside the TED or Mission Blue umbrellas and maybe aren't as visible, but they are happening. For a small example, two of the Mission Blue attendees have since worked together to connect with scientists in Central America and provide them additional resources to tag sharks so that they can better understand how wildlife in the ocean moves around and between the existing marine wildlife protected areas. This understanding will eventually help shape both efforts to figure out additional areas to protect and recommendations to make to shipping and other ocean-based industry to help protect the wildlife when they are moving between protected areas.

    Obviously, face to face meetings are where this happens best. But hopefully the TEDx events that happen all over the world on an almost daily basis are providing a forum for even more people to make these connections. And hopefully this online forum can also help feed the process.

    Anyway, that's a long way to say, YES, I think everything we need is already here. We just have to make sure to nurture it and let it emerge.
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    Feb 27 2011: You are absolutely right! As I have been working with Sylvia since before the TED Wish, I know that literally scores of projects have begun in response to the wish. After the Mission Blue Voyage several major projects have begun and I will attend meetings on just two of those over the next 10 days. There is no shortage to do. Form a team and get started.