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What could high schools do to improve college readiness for their students?

As a high school student i have noticed that teachers always seem to stop their lessons to let kids copy down notes, they give them too many instructions on how to do things, and do not give enough space for students to think for themselves. In my opinion things like this severely hurt these students because when they enter college, reality hits them square in the face and they all of a sudden have to grow up and think for themselves in a short amount of time. So what could be done in high schools to get kids to think more for themselves and rely less on others?


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    Oct 5 2011: Wisdom is not education or knowledge itself, but it rather represents the proper functioning of our mind so that it not only knows the place of everything, but it also knows what form all things can take. Wisdom offers a broader perspective than the purely intellectual knowledge and analytical reasoning. It is more a way of perceiving things correctly than being able to define them through words and concepts.

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