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How to Stop the robbery?

it is simple by giving some money from the rich man to poor man.

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    Oct 1 2011: What if the rich man refuses. Rob him?
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      Oct 2 2011: If it's built in to the country's laws, it's not “robbery” but “socialism”. Have you ever noticed that, in general, the richer a person is, the less sense socialism makes? Odd, that.
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        Oct 2 2011: so if we give it a name, it is OK?
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          Oct 3 2011: No, giving something a name does not automatically make it okay. What I wrote was mostly a joke, though it does have a serious side.

          A rich man might pay law enforcement officers to keep people away from his property. Or he can be taxed in the name of social welfare. Either way he pays, and either way there is a reduced incentive to steal his possessions. But which way costs less in the long run?

          Different people have different beliefs about that.
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      Oct 2 2011: Not rob him if he refuses that up to him no one take his money but when he understand if he give a small amount to the poor man make him happy and have hope to life and the rich man be happy because he help someone.
  • Oct 17 2011: Hello Mr. Pintér?
    So taking money from the rich is robbery?
    What is creating poverty, if not robbery?
    What is capitalizing on what another doesn't know, for money, if not robbery?
    What is creating inequality through money, for money, if not robbery?
    What is creating money out of nothing, if not robbery?
    The money system is robbery, so it is inherently, intrinsically and essentially robbery.
    Not all people have gotten wealth through robbery but the very nature of it is that
    some have to lose because it is not equal, intentionally so, and that equals robbery to me.

    Now since you call it robbery I'm assuming you also mean immoral. Is that what you also mean?
    It must not be immoral, at least to me, just as killing another human being isn't immoral.
    Those who are wealthy and those who pass the moral codes of conduct down to humanity are the ones
    who have long broken those codes and continue to do so today, so I can't imagine it being immoral (wrong) to do those things. So, I don't think taking money from the rich is robbery. After all, it isn't all they have but it is
    all a poor person has.
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      Oct 17 2011: Hi Mr. Poster,
      The Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take something of value by force or threat of force and/or by putting the victim in fear. At common law, robbery is defined as taking the property of another, with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property.

      How to prevent that by giving some money from the rich man to poor man. that is it simple and active.
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    Oct 3 2011: Robin Hood looked good in the movie, didn't he? Would it have been less of a robbery if the "victims", knowing his reputation and afraid of him, would have given him their money instead? Would it be less of a robbery if, afraid of the big automatic at your head, you hand the keys of your car to the masked guy that demands it?
    Let's look beyond the surface. Most of the affluent people nowadays are self made, they were not always there. There is a way to get there for everybody, it takes time, hard work and creativity. It is not fair to take shortcuts, at least not this type. Being poor is no excuse to take from those who have more.
    On the other hand, people that have often share and give freely. I have not seen more donations, grants and non profit organizations reaching out to the needy in any other place than the US (one of the top 4 countries with highest income per capita according to IMF). Still, robbery happens there in huge numbers daily.
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    Oct 3 2011: This is not a novel idea and if it was simple it would have been done years ago. It is a mistake to think that the rich would systematically give to the poor, government or not.
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    Oct 2 2011: taking money from the rich is robbery.
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      Oct 2 2011: I didn't said taking i said giving from himself no one can make someone give his money to another one only by himself.
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        Oct 2 2011: so you want the rich to give on their own? how do you plan to convince them?

        but believe me, it is possible to take money from one person and give to another. it is called tax.
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          Oct 2 2011: That is problem here we have a third party the government, by that third party the rich man will not happy because he didn't see what he is done by giving his money but if he gives his money to poor man he will be happy for helping people and he will became active person. by that we make active community.
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        Oct 2 2011: so the plan is to remove the government as wealth distributing middle man. that's great. count me in.
  • Oct 1 2011: Not all rich people got their money in an immoral way, and not all poor people deserve to get more than what they have. Equality yes, but also Justice.

    And it's equality in front of the law. It's not the equality of all bank accounts.
  • Oct 31 2011: I think what you mean it's strictly charity, i wouldn't qualify as inmoral or any controversial adjetive. What make ones richs and others poors is the way things are. we all support it in one way or an other, if we buy from big companis, if we just don't care if the politicians don't accomplish what they promice, etc... you won't make a big diference if you help one person one time, you won't make a difference if you don't think other way thinks can work to get a different outcome, remember maddnes is to think that we would get different result doing the same.