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How do YOU keep form getting frustrated and stay positive and active while keeping your eye's open to the problems and hurt in the world?

I've noticed a tendency in myself to want to know how the world works. Chances are that if you're reading this you and and I are much alike in that aspect. Sometimes information I learn is upsetting, like environmental issues, war, famine, corruption, peak oil. But I still want to learn this information. I refuse to stick my head in the sand. And I want to keep making a positive contribution to this world.

Sometimes though I do get frustrated and focus on the negatives in this world. After all, who are we against big corporations, corrupt governments, the military industrial complex, corporate media...

What exactly do you do, see, watch, think about, go to, focus on, to keep on going on with joy and energy while learning and making a positive contribution?


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    Feb 25 2011: I see where you are coming from. It saddens me to no end on how we treat each other. However, you have to acknowledge that there is good out there at work. How Christians held hands with each other to create a human shield to protect other religious people while they were praying during the Egypt protests. How we are helping small businesses in third world countries save their communities and create an impact in the world. This is what I hold on to.

    What also helps is that I have found purpose in my life. I realize that I mean something to the people around me and that I have found my calling in the arts. Most of all, my one resolution for myself every new year these past few years has been, "to be as happy, if not happier than I was before." Merely living makes life positive.

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