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Does humanity have a purpose?

As a species, does humanity have any sort of unified purpose? Is there something that we're working towards?

Is it merely survival? Procreation? Do we have goals beyond our genetic imperatives? If not, why not?

And should humanity have an overarching goal, something to aim for to tell us that we are progressing as a species? Something to set our sights on to tell us when we're diverging from our intended aims.

Can humanity ever agree on any one notion? And absent an explicit purpose, a mission statement to unify humanity... where will the trajectory of our natural behaviour take us?


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  • Oct 5 2011: Humanity has a simple purpose. Again, with our 'big' brains we tend to overthink these things, or suggest complex or specific purposes for ourselves. I believe it is much more simple.
    Our purpose is simply to create, and to examine what already exists. We are the most complex organisms we know of to date, and I believe that makes it our RESPONSIBILITY to observe what is around us and figure out to the best of our ability exactly what is going on. That is what has given humanity its identity since the begginning of our species. And with this knowledge of the small(er) parts that come together to create EVERYTHING that surrounds us, we can build new things, and therefore further the complexity of the universe we live in. Because after all, the universe always strives for change. (evolution)

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