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Does humanity have a purpose?

As a species, does humanity have any sort of unified purpose? Is there something that we're working towards?

Is it merely survival? Procreation? Do we have goals beyond our genetic imperatives? If not, why not?

And should humanity have an overarching goal, something to aim for to tell us that we are progressing as a species? Something to set our sights on to tell us when we're diverging from our intended aims.

Can humanity ever agree on any one notion? And absent an explicit purpose, a mission statement to unify humanity... where will the trajectory of our natural behaviour take us?


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    Oct 5 2011: I believe Humanity must create its own purpose. We have all been born with the gift of being the most intelligent creature on our planet and with this gift comes great responsibility. ( Thank you Uncle Ben )
    Responsibility to make the most out of our species evolutionary advantages over the other life forms whom share the planet with. I believe that it is in the best interest of all of life as we know it for the human race to attempt to move forward as one species for the advancement of life.
    As far as we know, which probably isn't much, life is a very young thing in this universe. Human life has existed for only a blink of an eye when compared to the timeline of the universe. It seems that evolution strives to create more complex and intelligent forms of life, being this I believe that yes, evolution has an obvious purpose, in fact its the word it self.
    Every form of life's purpose is to evolve into a better, well rounded life form. Organisms such as ourselves work as the senses of evolution, constantly using trial and error to help our species evolve. This takes place in every single bit of unique DNA we have. Acknowledging this we can see that there is a natural force in this universe that pushes for advancement and does it rather amazingly fast on a universal time line.
    The real question is for what purpose does life have once it is fully evolved? Can evolution ever create a single perfect life form? Could evolution create Gods?

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