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Does humanity have a purpose?

As a species, does humanity have any sort of unified purpose? Is there something that we're working towards?

Is it merely survival? Procreation? Do we have goals beyond our genetic imperatives? If not, why not?

And should humanity have an overarching goal, something to aim for to tell us that we are progressing as a species? Something to set our sights on to tell us when we're diverging from our intended aims.

Can humanity ever agree on any one notion? And absent an explicit purpose, a mission statement to unify humanity... where will the trajectory of our natural behaviour take us?


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  • Oct 4 2011: I think that our purpose is to find a way to defeat our instincts of savagery. Since we have arrived, in whatever fashion you choose to believe we did so, we have been innovators. We are different from the other inhabitants of Earth in that we are capable of creation. This is our purpose. To create is to reject savagery and to forge bravely into the future. It is only through creation and imagination that we can achieve understanding. Creation is a drive that all human beings share, on different scales, but a shared notion nonetheless. I think it is important to realize that humanity is ingrained with a spirit born to run, so to speak. We were meant to drive forward, not lazily meander about. This mindset has already taken us to the moon and beyond and personally I can't wait to be a part of the voyage that is to come.

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