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Does humanity have a purpose?

As a species, does humanity have any sort of unified purpose? Is there something that we're working towards?

Is it merely survival? Procreation? Do we have goals beyond our genetic imperatives? If not, why not?

And should humanity have an overarching goal, something to aim for to tell us that we are progressing as a species? Something to set our sights on to tell us when we're diverging from our intended aims.

Can humanity ever agree on any one notion? And absent an explicit purpose, a mission statement to unify humanity... where will the trajectory of our natural behaviour take us?


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  • Oct 4 2011: That question has different answers depending on who you ask. According to the universe, human existence is as pointless as a grain of sand on a beach. According to religion, it is to do gods will and make the leaders of the religion more powerful. According to my cat, it is to make food magically happen. According to biology, it is to survive. According to humanities, it is to uplift the human state (whatever that may be). According to the spaghetti monster, it is to consume spaghetti and be satisfied.

    According to me, it is to strive.

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