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China's communist party , have invited china's richest person to join its Central Committee, is this the first step towards democracy?

China's communist party, have invited china's richest person to join its powerful Central Committee, what does this mean, is this the first step towards new phase of opening up and democratization of the party? Or China's communist party is abandoning last of its remaining socialist makeover and converting from a socialist movement to a rich men's club?

Will these new rich leaders, promote and allow western style democratization of the of the society and political system or they will choose to keep the existing status que, because it serves their commercial interests?

I beliefe with these new development in the shape of the Chinese communist party, China will enter new phase political development. What do you think?


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    Oct 2 2011: I've noticed that people with a lot of money usually didn't get rich by caring about other people.
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      Oct 2 2011: can you share some of your experiences about that?
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      Oct 4 2011: HI Timothy,

      You sound a little like a friend of mine. He thinks all rich people are sociopaths (I did say "a little.")

      He gets quite animated about it.

      The interesting thing is he has spent a lot of energy over the last 30 years trying to get rich.

      Once, after a long tirade about the evils of rich people, I asked what would happen if his current investment worked out (as he hoped it would) and he suddenly became very wealthy (which he would have done.)

      He sort of just stopped talking and looked at me like I had asked him an "unfair" question.

      I know lots of people all over the world, many of them are rich and, for the most part, they are very nice, caring people. In fact, I would say the proportion of rich people who are "nice" is higher than the proportion of "nice" people in the general population. (That is not based on any research whatsoever ... just my personal observation.)
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        Oct 4 2011: I do not disagree with what you say. If you read the precise wording of my original reply, you'll see that it isn't a blanket condemnation of the rich.

        Incidentally, one of my best friends was rich once. He's very nice. He actually does care about people, provided they aren't customers. Customers occupy a different mental space for him.

        Money is a weird thing.
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          Oct 4 2011: QUOTE: "He actually does care about people, provided they aren't customers."

          Hmmmm ... maybe this is why he was rich ... once.

          I've actually never seen a study on it - it might be interesting to find out if rich people are, generally speaking, nicer, nastier, or just the same as not rich people.

          In a lot of the material I have read there are unsubstantiated statements, like rich people have larger networks of friends, are more social, look for ways to "make a difference," and so on.

          I did hear about one study that said rich people are usually better looking (!) than people who aren't rich ... and that the rich are getting better looking from generation to generation (they marry other good looking people.)

          As I say, I heard about it, I did not read the study myself.

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