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What you think about Nuclear Power plants in the world...They are Good or Bad?...

in this modern age where there is need of electricity we need new power plants. what if these plants be nuclear by some percentage?...


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    Oct 1 2011: Well in the current scenario with depleting fossil fuels and the inefficient harnessing of renewable energy sources nuclear energy is the cleanest source of power. I would like to put some light on the recent incident..

    World over a lot of hue and cry has been raised due to the Fukushima incident. However we must pay attention to the fact that Fukushima disaster was not a direct consequence of Earthquake. Actually every nuclear reactor design is capable of sustaining earthquakes. Fukushima incident was triggered by the Tsunami that was caused by the earthquake. Even the Disaster due to Tsunami could have been avoided however unfortunately the electricity supply to the coolant pumps failed!! That increased the inside temperature and resulted in explosion of the reactor shell.

    Another fact with Fukushima is worth noting. In the half an hour after the earthquake struck all the fission process had stopped completely. All the radiation that leaked was due to the spent fuel. This implies that the radiation leak was a consequence of radioactive decay of spent fuel and not due to the radiations from nuclear fission. The radiations from nuclear fission are more hazardous. So Fukushima reactor design did a fair good job to avert the crisis. Worth mentioning is the fact that this particular reactor design was almost 40-50 years old.

    So what i think is nuclear power will be the solution for the energy crisis. If proper procedures and safety considerations are followed it will help a lot in our pursuit of a greener Earth!!!

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