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If you were a developer of 'TED Conversations', what features/functions would you like to add to it?

'TED Conversations' is a new system, and it is natural that you might think it could be better if it has certain functions.

What are features/functions you would like to add to TED conversation?

I'm not a developer myself, but I hope that information from this particular conversation will be useful in developing further and improving TED Conversations system.


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    Feb 24 2011: I would add email notifications to conversations I am a part of.
    Other than that, I am loving conversations! :D
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      Feb 24 2011: Good idea. It is crucial to keep people updated and involved.
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        Feb 24 2011: Yeah. It is kind of a hassle having to go back to each individual talk you commented on just to check if you got a reply.
        Another idea would be creating a page that aggregates all conversations one is participating in. Like the facebook newsfeed, where you could follow conversations, talks, and other TEDsters.
    • Feb 24 2011: Email notifications on updates to conversations that I've participated in would be my #1 feature request as well at this point.

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