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If you were a developer of 'TED Conversations', what features/functions would you like to add to it?

'TED Conversations' is a new system, and it is natural that you might think it could be better if it has certain functions.

What are features/functions you would like to add to TED conversation?

I'm not a developer myself, but I hope that information from this particular conversation will be useful in developing further and improving TED Conversations system.

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    Feb 24 2011: I would add email notifications to conversations I am a part of.
    Other than that, I am loving conversations! :D
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      Feb 24 2011: Good idea. It is crucial to keep people updated and involved.
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        Feb 24 2011: Yeah. It is kind of a hassle having to go back to each individual talk you commented on just to check if you got a reply.
        Another idea would be creating a page that aggregates all conversations one is participating in. Like the facebook newsfeed, where you could follow conversations, talks, and other TEDsters.
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      Feb 24 2011: Email notifications on updates to conversations that I've participated in would be my #1 feature request as well at this point.
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    Feb 24 2011: Some sort of notification function when people reply to your comments and the ability to collapse reply threads so you can read other people's top comments without getting wrapped up in a long reply chain.
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      Mar 4 2011: Ditto on collapsible threads.
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    Mar 21 2011: Don't allow multiple sequential postings. That is, prevent people from pontificating with extended babbling.
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    Mar 3 2011: Optional email notifications if someone responds to your comment...
    ... with link to location in thread.

    Check out the disqus system, used by many on-line news-sites (try using it on, they have an active posting community).
  • Dan F

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    Feb 27 2011: A thumbs down feature as a response to a comment (I have expanded my comments to include TED Talks).

    TED may be be dulling its trademark lively exchange of views or wit fostered by an open and competitive free-for-all operation.

    Acidic contributers can have a cleansing affect on those of us that ramble or say things that lack intelligence or imagination. This makes for a more accountable forum participant and consequently less uninteresting stuff to wade though by the membership. I make a distinction between acidic expression and overly vulgar comments or those engaged in inappropriate vicious onslaughts, which need to be discouraged (a bad manners flag ?).

    I don't underestimate hard difficult or impossible it is to make critics happy.
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    Feb 25 2011: I asked a similar question, try checking out this link. It is from a past TEDx organiser, very helpful.
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    Feb 25 2011: notifications, it would be better to know who responded to one's comments, or the conversations one started. I would also like to see new conversations at the top of the conversations' list as well as conversation most commented. Sorting conversations by "Ideas", "Questions", "Debates" style would also be nice to see.
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    Feb 24 2011: RSS
    RSS for everything. RSS for each conversation, RSS for each author. Possibility to run a search and have an RSS connected to that. So I can catch up every time there is a conversation on my favorite topics
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    Feb 24 2011: Ideas, Questions, Debates, ... Polls ?