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Are we ready to intimately embrace technology that will support our quality of life?

What if we could wear a hand that would help us climb walls? What if we could wear feet that would allow us to walk on water? What if we could wear legs that would help us walk 10x faster regardless of the terrain? These apparatuses would be extensions of our bodies and we'd be just as reliant upon them as our iPhones or earbuds.


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    Oct 5 2011: I think acceptance of such equipment will primarily start by adoptation of it by certain professions. To refer to your examples say: Firefighters, beach patrol, law enforcement etc.
    Eventually, slowly integration might expand. But just as most people don't have fire resistant clothing in their car or a life preserver, so most people will not have such a super suite either.
    As cultural acceptance and integration of such a super suite is directly linked to saturation of a product into the market I believe full integration and acceptance into everyones daily life will not occur unless our culture changes quite drastically. And if it does, I think it will be more likely to accomedate the acceptance of gene manipulation in order to enhance our inate abilities. Something like a super suite will always remain a bit like cheating in the eyes of most people.
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      Oct 6 2011: You make a really good point. Making these technologies available to municipalities is intriguing. I also agree that our cultural expectations would change drastically (as they did when women started wearing pants or people first started driving cars or when the first airplane carried a group of passengers from point A to point B).

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