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creating a half million jobs tax free

Imagine creating over a half million green jobs in forty-eight states in thirty days without the government spending a penny. It can be done with one simple federal law. But why only forty-eight states? Because the jobs already exist in New Jersey and Oregon due to existing state law.

In these two states, full service at gas stations is mandatory, and thousands of Americans have jobs because of it. These might not be the best jobs, but it is honest work, it can never be outsourced overseas, and it could create jobs all across America, overnight. Consumer sees jobs created while receiving more service while the environment benefits from less gasoline spilt by amateurs at the pump, a much larger environmental problem than most realize.

These jobs existed in America for decades before being eliminated in the seventies. Let's bring them back.

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    Oct 2 2011: I really love the practical thinking in this idea. A hundred more simple ideas like this must be out there and simple to implement. America's corporations need to see that America and Canada are a great place to do business. Perhaps they need to 'Outsource overseas jobs back to North America?"
    • Oct 3 2011: thanks. I've sent this idea to several congressmen and senators, but have only received form letters in response. Maybe if i was a lobbyist....
  • Oct 2 2011: all it would take would be a one page law mandating gasoline being pumped by a station employee.

    the existing law in New Jersey and Oregon is very popular with residents, and would probably be popular nationwide as well.

    Ironically because of taxes, full service gasoline in New Jersey is cheaper than self service in Pennsylvannia and New York..
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    Sep 30 2011: how?