Benjamin Sanchez

Project Manager, Planet Victory

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One online platform to resolve all ecological crisis in the shortest time possible, with maximum effect for minimum effort.

Calling all collaborators for the development of "Planet Victory - One Site to Save the World".

This is a non-profit, open-source platform that uses global mapping, open-source data massing, tactical organic creative-type grouping, gamification, crowdfunding and social networking to document all ecological crises on an intuitive, global heads-ups display, generate optimal solutions, and activate real-world social projects to expedite those solutions effectively, peacefully, lawfully and transparently.

Planet Victory will catalyze thousands of decentralized projects world-wide to pursue peer-refined solutions that use system generated resources to maximal effect in the shortest time possible. One clear example is the US gulf oil spill solution to simply throw straw on the surface of the water, which soaks up the majority of the oil and can be readily collected by skimming, and even used for fuel. This solution was floating around youtube towards the beginning of the crisis, but did not receive the mass support needed to be put into action (state inertia not withstanding). Planet Victory is designed to actualize operations like this with extreme prejudice, regardless of scale or politics.

This mass web tool can generate, harness and redirect online interest in environmental maintenance like a surgical laser, with no limit to the number of projects it can engage. For the less cause-driven online population, Planet Victory makes explicit use of gaming to drive social progress, accepting currencies from various established online economies, like Farmville dollars and World of Warcraft gold.

Once established, Planet Victory's solutions' facilitation template is designed to serve just as well for global issues of social justice, a simple toggle on the heads-up, but the primary focus is on maintaining a pristine biosphere. Planet Victory is, in essence, an artificial, techno-organic, Gaian immune system. And it's super fun too!