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Why do you TED? And has your reason changed or developed as you use it more

Why do you TED? This question was posed to me by my wife who was intrigued to find out what it is I get from spending time with the TED community. I think it is an interesting question because often we do things in order to find something, or to replace something, or to develop something new. Now we all know what TED sets out to do, and I think it does it very well. But I believe that there are many reasons as to why people TED andmore importantly, I think the reasons why people get involved in TED change and the return on their involvement alters as they develop a deeper association with the TED community

So let me, and others, know why you TED and what you get out of it.


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    Sep 30 2011: To exercise my brain in this challenging new world ... which basically means I am getting older....but anyway, I enjoy the challenging thoughts and it keeps the juices flowing! :)

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