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Do TEDx events need more monitoring ?! Why or Why not ?

Do the TEDx events need more monitoring ?! Do TEDx licensees need to be screened through different processes in multiple stages ?! Why or Why not ?

YES : They need to me monitored more strongly to maintain the spirit of TED. We need ambassadors based on geographic locations other than curators/licensees of the event.

NO :The current system is good. Appointing individuals will not be a good idea. The curators are meant to do that. More TEDx events = TED like experience to more and more people.


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    Feb 15 2011: In short I think: Yes

    But now i will justify my opinion:

    The problem, I believe, that exists is that although many people do events with good will and the purpose to produce some good for the society, TED is becoming (if not already) a platform of great importance and, In some cases, it will attract people who try to use it for personal gain, which could constitute a breach of the terms (ex: the non-profit clause)

    So I think, if possibly, we should try to get better control over TEDx (albeit through the embassies) and that could help to avoid staining the platform with "bad apples "

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