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Do TEDx events need more monitoring ?! Why or Why not ?

Do the TEDx events need more monitoring ?! Do TEDx licensees need to be screened through different processes in multiple stages ?! Why or Why not ?

YES : They need to me monitored more strongly to maintain the spirit of TED. We need ambassadors based on geographic locations other than curators/licensees of the event.

NO :The current system is good. Appointing individuals will not be a good idea. The curators are meant to do that. More TEDx events = TED like experience to more and more people.

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    Feb 16 2011: my TEDxlicense response:
    respecting the rules without needing guard dogs (but based on openness, thrust and honesty), is probably the best.
    I was reminded by my course of "work ethics" I once had. There was a good part that can be useful here:
    If someone transgresses the rules and you notice it, it is best that you, yourself address the transgressor as a first step. Tell him/her how you perceived the error, in a friendly way.
    You can offer help to find a solution or something to keep it from happening again. Most of the times, this works, especially when done early in the process (This is actually the social control others mentioned above)
    If this does not work (one might have an argument, or the other doesn't want to listen or talk), one can discuss the problem more openly with others (you thrust).
    Eventually, when the transgression is severe, more drastic measures need to be taken. Then you can let the dogs out so to speak.

    - Making a mistake is not a problem (unwillingness to learn from it and persisting is)
    - Few rules, much guidelines
    - Keep it fun (it is all volunteers and passion)

    So if a 100 people venue has 120 people showing up... no problem.
    If you organize a 500 people 300$ venue with sales pitches... Don't use the TEDx logo, as it is something totally different.
    TED is a powerful brand that opens a lot of doors. So some abuse can be imagined/expected.
    I daresay this will be quite low (given the community and positive vibe we share).
    But please don't add rules, don't hard-line or other things that spoil the fun of contributing to something positive.
    Don't make the same mistakes bureaucrats/lawmakers make: pestering 99% with rules to try and catch the 1% free-riders (who will find a way to circumvent that rule anyway).

    Happy to see so much passion in this big movement. Totally love it.
    Love the diversity and often chaotic tendencies too.
    Makes me feel free and happy to oblige to the basic rules.
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    Feb 15 2011: I think they should be monitored. Even without attending, you can see that some events violate the rules. Actually TED is looking for someone who will monitor TEDx events:
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    Feb 15 2011: In short I think: Yes

    But now i will justify my opinion:

    The problem, I believe, that exists is that although many people do events with good will and the purpose to produce some good for the society, TED is becoming (if not already) a platform of great importance and, In some cases, it will attract people who try to use it for personal gain, which could constitute a breach of the terms (ex: the non-profit clause)

    So I think, if possibly, we should try to get better control over TEDx (albeit through the embassies) and that could help to avoid staining the platform with "bad apples "