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How can we transmit new Paradigms to students attending compusory education in our public traditional schools?

The Studio school is a challenging and right way of coping with changes in learning today. Kids feel more free and self confident.
On the contrary, in most of our traditional schools students think they are wasting their time, get bored and lazy. Could NLP strategies help to develop responsability in them and an outcome of success?


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    Oct 4 2011: Thanks Christa for your accurate answer. You are completely right. I teach in a traditional public school and what I would like most is to get a sort of Manual in where I could find a study of the circunstances, conditions and rules that seem to be at the origin of this transformation of students which favor their jumping from apathy to engagement. Project learning by itself is not the answer ( I know), nor teaching methods alone to get all sort of students passionate in learning. There must be something else. Those real-life skills that encourage creativity and their growing as individuals. It is needed a model in which the complete itinerary is shown step by step to make students and teachers feel the world is at their fingerprints!

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