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How can we transmit new Paradigms to students attending compusory education in our public traditional schools?

The Studio school is a challenging and right way of coping with changes in learning today. Kids feel more free and self confident.
On the contrary, in most of our traditional schools students think they are wasting their time, get bored and lazy. Could NLP strategies help to develop responsability in them and an outcome of success?


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    Oct 3 2011: Hello Scott. Thanks for your comment. Experience, certainly, has shown us that Politicians are not interested in developping an Education system in which people could learn to grow in all fields. Actually, it seems everything is organised according to the old Roman saying of "Pane and circensis" that guarantees them votes and job in power. Fear, criticism and a voluminous burocracy have been used to favor a lack of self-confidence in teachers. Of course, I agree with you that the solution, at least to boost personal confidence, is to put students first. They are the hope of tomorrow. However, I strongly believe, that teachers must ascertain their authority by changing their passive attitude, starting a universal union till they are recognized as the engine in transforming the Educational System.They are the experts.
    As for assessment, how can the burocratic system standarise something that doesn´t exist? Evaluation in certain countries only means passing to the following course. How? Well, nothing standardrised of course. Some students pass because they are good at science, others because they copy and paste, others because come to clase everyday and other because never come... Probably we need to find another word for assessment no-assessment.
    And yes, the crisis today has mainly to do with the way people rule the countries.

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