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How can we transmit new Paradigms to students attending compusory education in our public traditional schools?

The Studio school is a challenging and right way of coping with changes in learning today. Kids feel more free and self confident.
On the contrary, in most of our traditional schools students think they are wasting their time, get bored and lazy. Could NLP strategies help to develop responsability in them and an outcome of success?


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    Oct 2 2011: Thanks Ted for your words and encouragement. I think we are living a crucial moment. Traditional education is making evident its unusufulness as a global model. There are many logic reasons (Ken Robinson) but some emotional ones, as the feeling that has been hit ethically on both teachers and students and on the absent minded administration by the bubble of a gold rush. The weekness of the Education System cannot be hidden anymore.Actally,the Social System has sucked off our vital energy with its Policy of "take it easy boy" by putting aside effort and responsability. I have been teaching in different periods with a ten years parenthesis in contact with business and personal finance and this might have helped me to see the practical side of life. However, I am not a person that thinks that school should be ruled like a Firm - goals are different -but I believe that we teachers must start afresh with a new attitude towards our job. We are the ones who must sail the ship by giving value to our sailors, by sharing with them proposals, decisons and focus. Their motivation cannot sprout only from the teacher's resources and skills but also from their contribution, their own vision focussed on their own future outcomes with school as a catalyst. Education is the basis of sociaty. Success in life begins at school. Here, it is is a "must" to increase potential by transmitting optimism, persuasion, motivation,self- discipline, self- confidence and learning habits to make rapid learning simple. Our responsability is huge and we must train in strategies to persuade our students, all of them, to change attitude. We will all make profit out of it. Scott is quite right.
    As for assessment, a very difficult issue; a lot could be said. What is the real value of a specific assesment? Assessment- what for? Give us people eager to start a new day and then we can start filling it in with projects and action. How can an INNER assessment be taken WITH and FOR success?

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