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What if Einstein was wrong?

Im sure many of you are aware of this but recently cern found possible evidence that the light barrier is not the true barrier for speed. What does this mean what are its implications? Its certainly something to discuss right? Einstein believed this constant was the one thing that kept the universe from collapsing.


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    Oct 1 2011: It seems that the speed of light can be slowed down under certain circumstances.
    Perhaps it can be speeded up by other circumstances ?
    As the universe is winding down to eventual heat death in keeping with the 2nd Law, would it be surprising if light was slowing over the long term, similar to earth rotation, magnetic field, solar diameter, etc ?

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      Oct 2 2011: The speed of light in a vacuum does appear to be the speed of light's limit. Light is slowed down when it passes through matter. Thats why i say use the vacuum as the constant not light. Its the same number; as a vacuum can only appear as fast as the matter is expelled from it. This is true the universe will eventually probably collapse back in on itself and restart. Though this will happen on a timescale that is almost incomprehensible to us. Time will reveal all though; thats the beauty of it!

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