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Why Israeli politicians don't want peace negotiation?

Whole world and especially people living in that zone want peace, but can anybody please tell me why Israeli politicians are denying these negotiations?





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    Sep 28 2011: either i'm missing something, or israel's gaza policy does not make any goddamn sense. it seems like they deliberately want things to go in the worst possible direction. there is exactly zero or less chance for that policy to achieve anything.
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    Sep 28 2011: Because they know that as long as America is acting as referee, they can get away with things staying the same whilst giving the illusion of working towards a solution. This is why the Palestinian authority is now calling upon the United Nations to recognize Palestine.It's a desperate act, it won't work of course, as America will use its power to veto, but it will send a strong message that will hopefully get things going. It is already apparent that a good enough majority of countries on the permanent security council will vote in favor of the proposition. I hope to see France be one of these.
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    Sep 29 2011: As a person from the area I can clearly say that middle eastern governments including Turks, Greeks and Cypriots too have always fueled up foreign conflicts in order to gain power in their internal political environments. ıt is all same now between Israel and Turkey both governments try to gain credit from conflicts.

    Oh by the way Israel is protected by USA, UK and EU this why they act so careless and violent towards Palestinians.
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      Sep 29 2011: I don't think anyone in whole UN supports Palestine. I mean seems like no one cares. Its just some non-political/common people who care for Palestinians.

      Israeli politicians, on the other hand, have an agenda, and they are gonna complete it.
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    Sep 28 2011: Hi Kareem

    I adressed this topic a few days ago & the whole conversation was closed down, so I will refrain from commenting.

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      Sep 28 2011: They (TED mods) sent me an email saying "your topic is vague"; damn, I had to google "vague" to learn it's meaning
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        Sep 29 2011: they did the same thing for my ''boycotted brands'' topic a few weeks ago.
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    Sep 28 2011: Because you cannot simultaneously want "to be right" and "peace".

    But that goes for all sides.
    • Sep 28 2011: cause if they do agree for peace though they does for peace talks all the time, they will loose most of the land they have occupied with out any reason... and one of the most important reason is the backing of super power and other powerful state of the world who back israel for all they do there in west bank..