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In a world where materialism reigns, yet can never satisfy. How can one fill that hole. I propose a path to fill this void.

Try this teaching: embody the present completely. Most of us feel incomplete like we are still searching for something and most of us dont know what that is with the infinite distractions of reality. The reason man/woman has an unquenchable appetite is because the mind creates the illusion that materialism will fill the void inside of them when that is far from the truth. It is only a temporary fix caused by chemicals in the brain and as soon as it crashes and rebalances the void will return. This is because private ownership is an illusion no matter how many legal documents you have no matter how much you want a material object it will never truly be yours. The only way to fill this gap in the self is to grasp onto what you can have. There is something all of us have that few of us pay attention too. That is the present. You must embrace the present for that is all that one can really truly have. The past is done and the future is uncertain. Do not waste your time trying to reach the horizon as it will only lead you back to where you started and still remain in the distance. What i mean by fully embracing the present is to love the sweet times as much as you love the bitter times. Make the two one. I know this is difficult but if you practice this it begins to fill the void that is where your soul should be. The mind tries to take you away from this and control you with emotion but you must not let this happen. Dont think so much. Just feel and experience, become your senses. Let the love of truth in. The present is the truth. Think of yourself as an empty vessel with which you are trying to fill with love. Fill its so full that is runs over and touches all around you.


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  • Oct 1 2011: Dear Brennan.

    Paragraphs are your friend.

    Platitudes are not.

    I hope you take the energy and passion you have for mastering your internal struggles and apply them in a manner that can reach out to more people in a meaningful way.

    I might suggest starting by shying away from cheap emotional arguments that amount to little practical value.
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      Oct 2 2011: Im sorry you think that the message of truth and living fully is a platitude. Im also sorry that i cannot teach this in a way that more people will listen and care. If one does not know; then one can not do. If you know how then share? The beauty is: it doesn't even matter. The truth will reign in the open soon enough. Everyone will be able to see it for themselves. Pink Floyd already said it we are all just bricks in the wall. Though i guess that is considered a platitude as well? We have no control and letting your mind kid yourself into thinking you do, will only cause suffering. Attachment is a form of control therefore it causes suffering as well. You cannot resist or control change. Explain how it is an cheap emotional argument and how i can make it into something more?

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