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If you could do a TED talk, what would you talk about?

Hey, despite the age gaps and definite bias associated with youth in life and being one of the "younger" members at least TED closes them up (this means you people you're the cool old people :D) ok but else than that,

If you could do a TED talk what would you do? what do you find important and why?
nice and long please

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    Oct 2 2011: 'Revisting our concepts of Problems and Solution'. Did a small presentation with a friend for a Rotary Club in Mumbai, India. It was on the lines of how we have traditionally seen 'problems' (or obstacles, questions etc.) - as something that is 'bad', difficult to understand due to the complex or subjective nature - and 'solutions' (or answers) - as something that is 'good', eliminates the problem, brings happiness. By trying to just give an alternative view, we left everyone with a thought they can not just carry back with them, but can use and apply in the daily life. The idea has developed further and we are planning on writing a book.

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