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Stimulating Americas Economy

Stimulating America’s Economy

America is in a time of desperation and with the aid of a few specific, undeniably rich Americans.
Forty-two percent of American’s financial wealth is owned by about one percent of Americans. This being said I believe with some collaboration and generosity they alone have the power to bring America’s economy back to its former glory. I’m not trying to propose one guy bailing out America, but a group such as the top one hundred richest Americans’ chipping in along with the U.S. government creating a three trillion dollar act giving about ten thousand dollars to every American. The children will buy toys, teens electronics, young adults college and homes, adults more toys for their kids, gas, food, and maybe even a toy for themselves. This would cause a huge shopping spree across America causing not just one type of business to be reinvigorated, but all types ranging from local restaurants, to multimillion dollar industries. Americas businesses would thrive and more jobs would open. I am not trying to say this will solve all of our problems but it’s a start and we have to start somewhere, and all of this can only happen with the efforts of you, an individual, speaking up, spreading the word. We can make this happen

Demosthenes and Locke


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  • Sep 30 2011: First of all I never said they don't buy stuff from the genreal market. Obviously they buy clothing, food, etc. The trading among each other idea is called investing and deals. As for most of it not seeing the general public that is true also and this hurts all sorts of people. Look at the big businesses they seem to be doing all right with their deals fomulated with other huge industries, but as soon as you look at local businesses, and even smaller corp. they are hurting because they don't have the opportunity to "trade amongts the rich"

    So yes they buy stuff from the general market but the majority of their money is NOT going to food and clothing

    CEO on an assembly line. No but the majority is ethier automatic or in some forien country and that isn't exactly creating jobs in america is it.

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