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There is nothing called 'Objective News Reporting' - The academic misnomer in teaching is be corrected.

One of the founding tenets of journalism, it is said news reporting must be absolutely objective, free of any bias. But we know very clearly now it is not the case. The elements of Agenda setting by the different stakeholders involved kill the objectivity in a highly commercialized work environment.

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    Sep 27 2011: It is not at the production level but the prevalent gatekeeping at higher Management and Editorial levels. The academic sanctity says even to ignore adjectives as much as possible but that seldom happens. After all news communication is just another human process aided by mechanical tools and so the larger question is of balance of objectivity and subjectivity.
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    Sep 27 2011: I disagree.
    It is how we tell the good news producer and the bad one.
    True a complete immune to siubjectivity will not be entirely... but there are methods to help ensure objectivity