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What could be the most appropriate cause for non-profit organisations to invest in for a better future of humanity?

There are certainly a lot of good causes that deserve support by non-profit/charity organisations.

However, if we try to set emotion aside and focus on rationality, what do you believe would be the best investment of such organisations considering:

1. cause rather than symptom solutions (if it is about fixing a problem),
2. long-term rather than immediate and visible but not lasting results,
3. better future for humanity as a whole rather than a particular group of people?


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    Sep 28 2011: I agree with education and the timing is great as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is putting billions into the effort. Any additional effort might be the tipping point that is needed.

    Disclosure: I have 2 kids so I am biased.
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      Sep 28 2011: Michael, I love your disclosure. I think it would drive a lot of our conversations forward if we all had the integrity to declare our biases or leanings. By doing so we would all be forced to acknowledge (even if just to ourselves) that our opinions are influenced by the circumstances of our lives.

      Thanks for making me think!
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        Sep 28 2011: Your welcome. Two things we need right now... brutal honesty and humility.
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      Sep 28 2011: Indeed Bill Gates is very much involved into philanthropy.

      Another example is Warren Buffett. Apart from his philanthropic views and actions, Buffett is also to be praised for his encouragement for imposing higher taxes for millionaires (being one of the wealthiest himself), the so called 'Buffett rule', recently proposed by Obama.

      It is great that the two richest Americans care so much about society.

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