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What do you feel is inevitable?

We all have the feel of approaching something inevitable. Sometimes it's when you're sleeping and you feel the approaching footsteps that give you an inevitable feeling of waking up. Sometimes you feel your death approaching. Sometimes it's a good feeling of inevitable fortune or happiness.

For me, I feel an inevitable sense of improvement in my relationships with friends and family. What do you know is coming??


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    Sep 27 2011: Change.
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      Sep 27 2011: I would argue that change is only inevitable in the subjective view, under the illusion of separation. But through the wisdom of the whole (perfection, truth, god) oneness is never changing. The idea is that we live in the movement (or change) of time while enlightenment is discovered through the stillness of eternity. In fact an eternal moment is when it has nothing to do with time it is under the absence of time and the absence of change.
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        Sep 28 2011: wow thadues, that was deep man, I like this

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