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What is the most inspiring TED Talk of all time?

TED talks have never failed to inspire us. But, there is always one TED talk which we find the most inspiring.
The most inspiring talk according to me is "Schools Kill Creativity" by Sir Ken Robinson. What is the talk that you find most inspiring?


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    Sep 28 2011: http://www.ted.com/talks/rick_warren_on_a_life_of_purpose.html
    Few things are as inspiring or as challenging as discussions about the existence of God. Rick's talk is not just inspiring, but it's also controversial to many. My hope is that those who believe in God and those who don't can learn that dissenting opinions are healthy - that people can disagree without being disagreeable. I would actually like to see a panel discussion, a debate if you will, rather than an individual talk. I believe dialogs are more healthy than monologues and that challenging discourse, when civil, can be helpful to all.

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