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What is the best age to start a child in school?

What is really gained by sending a child to school at a very early age? Be default the typical school system cannot allow for creativity and individuality to be the main thrust. The nature of the beast is to contain a group of children so they can all be spoon fed the same information. Surely this can only lead to stifle the individual?

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    Mar 3 2011: While some children may benefit from going to school early, majority simply won't as they are simply not fully developed. Kids tend to go through certain developmental stages which are found universally in all humans. Thought the timing varies depending in which culture you live. In sum, I think it is better to send the child to school at 6 or seven, just like everyone else, and beforehand concentrate on a relationship with a child, to make sure it's warm, secure and authoritative. Just my two cents.