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Is human's ability to "Think" really a benefit for the only planet with life!!!

Why was the ability to think given only to the humans?
As we see around us we realize that the creature that has power of any sort tries to dominate others. Take example of lion or tiger having power to kill sharp claws, fieryness etc. They try to dominate other animals and hence can't live in a group but they operate inidividually. On the other hand are animals like deers who do not have dominating powers hence can live in a group or herd.
In the case of humans we have ability to think... actually a power given to us by God.. It has helped us to come this far, progress innovate, invent new things. But at the same time haven't we tried to dominate other beings of this planet, the trees, animals, insects etc. They have the same right to live on this earth as we have. But still we have animals living only in a reserved area called forest. The moment they stray amongst human settlements we either put them back to forest or in zoo, sancturies etc.
These animals can't say a word protest cause they can't think. So in short we have made a society wherein we humans are the important members and animals are like slaves, prisoners in forest. We tame them, rear them use them, just because we can out think them.

Given the current scenario of energy crisis, ecological imbalance we humans are responsible for it cause our ability to think made us do things that have harmed nature. Now nature can hit back using earthquakes, Tsunamis and other nautral calamities. But what will animals do in front of guns, tranquilisers, automatic traps and all technology. When they will have their say?

In order to keep human dominance in check should God give the power of thinking to animals too??
On the other way round is by "gifting the ability to think only to humans" God has created a blunder? Will this be the final nail in the coffin for already faltering ecology of the earth? Don't the animals deserve an equal right over this earth?

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    Sep 27 2011: A lion lives in a pack, it's called a pride. Wolves are predatory animals as well, and yet thrive as a hunting pack.

    Earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural calamities are not new. They have not popped out of nowhere, due to our impact.

    As for "should God give the power of thinking to animals too?" ...Well, perhaps you should ask god that. I wouldn't be holding my breath for a reply though, as our "ability to think" was caused by evolution.
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    Sep 27 2011: Disagree 100 percent.

    Nobody gave us the power to think, we've evolved it over time.

    On top of that what do you define as "power to think" ? I would say intelligent animals do have the power to think. I would go one step further to muster a guess that Chimpanzees have similar brain activity during "thinking" operations.

    Should god give the power of thinking to animals? If there was a god and the animals didn't have the ability he would have already.
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      Sep 29 2011: I agree. No such entity enabled our brain power, it was an evolutionary development.

      On a slightly less serious note regarding our intelligence and where it came from, I recommend looking into the stoned ape theory.
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    Sep 30 2011: Our ability to think, coupled with the persistent and arrogant scourge of anthropocentrism (putting ourselves at the centre of the universe) is where the problem lies. Anthropocentrism is present in both science and religion, and all it does is to conspire to separate humans out from the natural scheme of things. No matter what God you believe in or what scientific or economic theory you hang your hat on, we are just part of an animal kingdom. Our planet is not designed to sustain 7 billion demi-gods.

    Our world is a single, balanced organism. If we are to transform ourselves from the parasitical virus that we currently are, to nurturing custodians of the only planet that is capable of supporting life, then we had better change our thinking style - to one that is not just centred on our own existence.
  • Oct 4 2011: I think this question should be read as neither reigious nor scientific. What I mean is that when we received tha bility to think, we were given the greatest weapon. Whether or not were supposed to benefit or destroy the world is up to us. Thinking has benefitted the world. It may give us the key to extending life and even the planet's life. It has also caused us to destroy the very thing we seek to keep alive. We need this ability to help sustain a balance. IF we did not learn, what would come of the world? would anything be left to exist if the natural world were able to run on it's own with out anyone to keep it in a sort of balance. Even further what would have become of our species. Would we have survived had we not been able to figure out tools and even the things we take for granted like building shelter and gathering food by hunting? The human brain may very well be the most simplistically complicated thing on this planet that we need to use to what ever purpose or reason we have been put here for.
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    Oct 1 2011: Well said Allan...
    Then we must say man should learn to be a Master of his will and Slave of his conscience!!! or rather his good conscience!!!
  • Sep 30 2011: Stopped reading at "the only planet with life" due to issues relating number of stars in the universe, planets, grains of sand on the beach et cœtera.
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      Oct 1 2011: Sure I read somewhere that so many variables have to be spot-on for life to exist that the odds were very much against another such habitable planet existing.

      • Oct 1 2011: They used to think fundamentals like light and oxygen were essential for life... until they discovered animals at the depths of the ocean that never see light or breath oxygen, rather sulphur!

        They also used to think there were witches and werewolves...
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    Sep 29 2011: I don't think it really matters. If we're smart enough we will resolve issues which threaten our planet, but it's not like you can really "help" a planet.

    I think that we are a benefit to ourselves. We can think and perceive like no other known species. Perhaps one day we will unlock the secrets of the universe.

    I second Mike Euverman's comment.
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    Sep 28 2011: Ok going by the scientific way its difficult to comprehend why we are like that..
    I agree about evolution and the way in which we have gotten our ability. But can't we see man being utterly selfish.
    Don't we see a society tailor made by the rules as defined by humans. We have our own rules. Just forget for a moment that we are humans on this planet. Lets say we have come to visit earth from outside (just imagine) what we will see is humans as intelligent species having his methodologies, rules and ways by which he is defining every other creature's life. Now the animals, insects cannot say "Hey, this is wrong, you can't put us in a small area you people call as forest. You have no right to stop us from straying in your residential area...." etc etc.

    These animals as someone of you mentioned act on their instincts. Take any animal when it feels hungry then and then he will search for food, kill some other animal or eat some shrub (whatever). Otherwise he is little bothered. But we humans even with our hunger satisfied, crave for more. We don't think of just this moment but we try to make provision for tomorrow's food then day after tomorrow etc etc. This selfishness is causing harm to the earth.

    Agreed we are making progress in science. Even I am proud of that, since i am a student of science. But seeing from the animal's perspective there is at least some injustice meted out to them.

    Its our duty i think, to care more about some such creatures around us. Give them a place in our society. That doesn't mean creating zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Since we have brains and can think rationally then we should think about the animals too. But the question still remains are we humans ready to think about them and keep our selfishness at bay??
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      Sep 28 2011: The reason man has an unquenchable appetite is because the mind creates the illusion that materialism will fill the void inside of them when that is far from the truth. It is only a temporary fix caused by chemicals in the brain and as soon as it crashes and rebalances the void will return. This is because private ownership is an illusion no matter how many legal documents you have no matter how much you want a material object it will never truly be yours. The only way to fill this gap in the self is to grasp onto what you can have. There is something all of us have that few of us pay attention too. That is the present. You must embrace the present for that is all that one can really truly have. The past is done and the future is uncertain. Do not waste your time trying to reach the horizon as it will only lead you back to where you started and still remain in the distance. What i mean by fully embracing the present is to love the sweet times as much as you love the bitter times. Make the two one. I know this is difficult but if you practice this it begins to fill the void that is where your soul should be. The mind tries to take you away from this and control you with emotion but you must not let this happen. Dont think so much. Just feel and experience, become your senses.
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    Sep 27 2011: To be completely honest I believe your question is misguided. You seem to be asking "Why does only the human race have the ability to conceive complex thought" and the answer can be answered quite simply. Chimps and other primates are capable of some complex thought, millions of years of evolution away from being philosophers may i mind you, but still on their way.
    Other animals can indeed think. Our brains can comprehend much more because we basically have the same brain structures as other animals only more complex. Everything we think and do are chemical reactions, just like other animals. We just have a lot more reactions going on at once.
    The ability of complex thought or "thinking" as you put it, is only a evolutionary trait that the human race seems to be the first to acquire. I encourage you to not let religious beliefs misguide you, especially in the field of science.
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    Sep 27 2011: Check out Bioneers Conference in October. You may find a clue or two there for your inquiry.
  • Sep 27 2011: Without humans the world would be in perfect balance, but we are here and thinking. We should think of all that lives as part of our community and do no harm when posible. We could all be more ecologically minded and keep the garden that was entrusted to us in good shape.
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    Sep 27 2011: All animals with brains can think and are conscience. The only difference is our ability to rationalize and determine truth from what is false. Learning to live truthful and pure is what can separate us from animals. If we use our big brain to trick others and hurt for our personal gain we are no different that any animal. Yes we evolved to this point. A man with a beard living in the clouds didnt make us this way. It is the result of millions of years of struggle and pain. Pain drove us to be more conscience to be more aware but for what purpose? We used our minds to dominate the world we now have the ability to annihilate the entire planet. We are the most dangerous animal on this planet. Is that our purpose? to destroy the only place we truly know exists and call home? No its to learn the truth all religion say this at the root. complete awareness= complete knowledge of truth. Its time we become more than dangerous animals there is already enough of those!
    You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. - Jesus Christ
    Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be truth. - Buddha

    I recommend a website that is devoted to this it helped me find happiness and peace please take a look it is more than worth your time. Time is finite happiness truth love and peace can be eternal.
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    Sep 27 2011: Any opportunity to crush a rival species is seized and selected. That's just how things have evolved. Don't you have Discovery Channel?