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Is human's ability to "Think" really a benefit for the only planet with life!!!

Why was the ability to think given only to the humans?
As we see around us we realize that the creature that has power of any sort tries to dominate others. Take example of lion or tiger having power to kill sharp claws, fieryness etc. They try to dominate other animals and hence can't live in a group but they operate inidividually. On the other hand are animals like deers who do not have dominating powers hence can live in a group or herd.
In the case of humans we have ability to think... actually a power given to us by God.. It has helped us to come this far, progress innovate, invent new things. But at the same time haven't we tried to dominate other beings of this planet, the trees, animals, insects etc. They have the same right to live on this earth as we have. But still we have animals living only in a reserved area called forest. The moment they stray amongst human settlements we either put them back to forest or in zoo, sancturies etc.
These animals can't say a word protest cause they can't think. So in short we have made a society wherein we humans are the important members and animals are like slaves, prisoners in forest. We tame them, rear them use them, just because we can out think them.

Given the current scenario of energy crisis, ecological imbalance we humans are responsible for it cause our ability to think made us do things that have harmed nature. Now nature can hit back using earthquakes, Tsunamis and other nautral calamities. But what will animals do in front of guns, tranquilisers, automatic traps and all technology. When they will have their say?

In order to keep human dominance in check should God give the power of thinking to animals too??
On the other way round is by "gifting the ability to think only to humans" God has created a blunder? Will this be the final nail in the coffin for already faltering ecology of the earth? Don't the animals deserve an equal right over this earth?


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    Sep 27 2011: To be completely honest I believe your question is misguided. You seem to be asking "Why does only the human race have the ability to conceive complex thought" and the answer can be answered quite simply. Chimps and other primates are capable of some complex thought, millions of years of evolution away from being philosophers may i mind you, but still on their way.
    Other animals can indeed think. Our brains can comprehend much more because we basically have the same brain structures as other animals only more complex. Everything we think and do are chemical reactions, just like other animals. We just have a lot more reactions going on at once.
    The ability of complex thought or "thinking" as you put it, is only a evolutionary trait that the human race seems to be the first to acquire. I encourage you to not let religious beliefs misguide you, especially in the field of science.

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