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Can regenerative therapy technology be used on face skin tissue?

I am no expert. All I have are information from TED talks and hearsay level information, but I would like to provide them for discussion. In a 2009 TED talk, Anthony Atala told about how organs could be grown on a scaffold, also that in conditions persuading the tissue to regrow normally instead of rapidly as a scar, tissue can bridge 1 cm. From hearsay, I've heard of a person with the tip of a finger sliced off, who was was recommended to see a researcher, who sprinkled some powder on the wound that allowed the fingertip to grow back. I wonder if that powder is the same thing inside over-the-counter scarless acne/cut powder. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable on these matters can comment on these, to tell me whether or not what I've heard really exists or if there is research being done or have been done and if the technology can be applied to faces.

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    Feb 28 2011: of course, everything is made of cells, and our surface tissue would be the easiest to manipulate