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What do you do after having a TED Conversation?

After a TED Conversation closes, what do you do?

What would you like to be able to do after a TED Conversation closes?

How do you use TED Conversations to act on something or make a new connection with someone?

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    Sep 27 2011: I don't think TED Conversations provide a platform that encourages action or even further discussion outside of the Conversation.

    This partially inspired a project I'm working on, called -- which will essentially provide a platform through which people, in the context of TED, are enabled to continue discussing talks or ideas after the event and potentially start projects from those ideas.

    It's open-source so anyone can contribute --
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      Sep 28 2011: QUOTE: "I don't think TED Conversations provide a platform that encourages action or even further discussion outside of the Conversation."
      I have to disagree with you on this.

      QUOTE: "This conversation has closed. Start a new conversation ... or join one »"
      I know that people don't pay much attention to detail but this is pretty encouraging at least for me.

      QUOTE: "1 day ago: Jim, Silvia and Frans --
      You've got the beginnings of another TED Conversation, don't you think?
      I few I like: Bryan Adams "When a Man Loves a Woman," Eric Clapton's "You Look Wonderful Tonight." For the mom's -- divine or not Andrea Bocellii's "Ave Maria. And for all regardless gender "One" by Bono.
      This is a message from one of my conversations and it happened to be a great continuation of the topic I offered.

      I agree that off-topics are not tolerated here which can be a tad concerning but still there are enough opportunities to be creative and share what you have in mind!
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        Sep 28 2011: Silvia, I'll agree that Conversations offer plenty of opportunities to be creative, but they usually end up being a discussion of a topic -- arguments and agreements (like we're doing here).

        To me at least, Conversations feel limited in their capacity to produce actual *action*, which is the goal of my project.

        Nonetheless, I do find the Conversations here on TED valuable!
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          Sep 28 2011: Yeah, I guess we mean different things by action. We seem to agree, though, that TED Conversations are valuable. I'm actually using one right now as a pre-research for my master's thesis. I intend on bringing my study out here and ask fellow TEDsters to help me out in my scientific pursuit. Anyway, may be more people should try to take action and start really using TED Conversations in a more practical way.
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          Sep 28 2011: It would actually be great if we could group TED Conversations and create "Conversation portfolios" on our profiles: I have topic x in mind which I think is interesting and I would like to be able to link Conversations a, b and c to that topic on my profile page, so that others can see how I connect topics. Being able to comment on this portfolio would also be great to express my opinion about the topic and the linked Conversations.

          To a certain extent, I agree with Luke: Conversations are right now just a first step and natural discussions between people with different opinions, but nothing apart from that - as a whole.

          But at the same time, I agree with Silvia: I also used (and use) TED Conversations as cooking pots for my research, whether with surveys, or just by asking people their opinions about a hypothesis I want to defend.

          Apart from my personal use and benefit, I currently don't see how TED Conversations could have a practical use. I remember I once tried to animate people to join me for an informal meeting through a TED Conversation and it didn't really work :p But maybe "not yet" -- maybe Conversations still need some time to grow, before we can think about a practical use.
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    Sep 27 2011: Great question - I sometimes draw a picture - here's some we produced at TEDX Oxford on monday :
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      Sep 28 2011: I think it's a great idea to draw pictures of TED Talks while they happen -- I really enjoyed the slide show you posted. I wonder whether something like that would be possible for Live Conversations as well... I might actually give it a try. As for regular Conversations: it would be great to have the option to add pictures to a virtual mood board during or after a Conversation. But on the other hand, you'd have to pay attention to copyright issues and credit the authors whose pictures you are posting...
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        Sep 28 2011: Thank you - im glad you all enjoy them. Its a lot of fun to produce and its a great way to continue sharing the concepts and ideas disscussed in TED and even just to process them in a slightly different manner. As for live conversation - we do that as well, the tricky part is drawing and talking at the same time! but it can be done. Id like to try a conversation made entirely through drawing and no talking. one for the future i think - Thanks for the idea ;-)
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          Sep 28 2011: I actually meant the Live Conversations here on TED! I think it's impossible to talk and draw at the same time, but maybe when you just sit next to the two people who are talking and draw instead of participating, it could work :p
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        Sep 28 2011: AH ! - I see, hmmmm - i cant seem to see an option to post images, your absolutly right- it would be a great assett to add in images - i guess a link to 3rd party sites is the only way. I think i will try and scribe a conversation in the near future. maybe it will be one of these ;-)
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      Sep 28 2011: How fantastic!. Thanks for sharing this. I have admired your work for sometime!
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    Sep 27 2011: Having another TED conversation...
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    Oct 4 2011: Smoke a cigarette. ;)

    Just kidding! It's not so much what I do after a conversation, as how I feel. I'm stimulated, and hunger for more information along with ignited passion for additional avenues of creativity. The exception is if I've spoken to someone rude, arrogant or dismissive - a rare occurrence at TED.
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    Sep 28 2011: I often sit back, have an iced tea and think about the ideas and thoughts that were expressed especially by those with far different perspectives than I have. I wonder 'what do they see or know that I don't?"
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      Sep 28 2011: Same for me (except that I usually have a coffee next to me). But it also depends whether it's a Conversation I started or just one where I wanted to contribute at a certain point. I don't follow up on every single comment I make and sometimes I go back to my old comments thinking damn, you should have continued to follow this one. When it's one of "my" Conversations, I usually summarize the results and work with them, as almost all my Conversations are related to my research in some way...
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    Sep 28 2011: QUOTE: "After a TED Conversation closes, what do you do?"
    I make a closing statement.
    QUOTE: "What would you like to be able to do after a TED Conversation closes?"
    To be able to link it to other topics related to the conversation I've opened.
    QUOTE: "How do you use TED Conversations to act on something or make a new connection with someone?"
    When I start a conversation that has content which is very significant for me or invite people to participate if I happen to see that they are interested in a topic that I've opened.
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      Sep 28 2011: Can't you link to other topics in your closing statement? I would like to be able to reply to my own closing statement, even a month after the end of my Conversation, because sometimes I feel like I haven't said everything that's relevant when I go back and look at an older Conversation.
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        Sep 28 2011: Hi Simone,
        To speak the truth here I've never tried actually but seemed like a good idea at the top of my head. :) Thanks for pointing out that I can do it. Hm, a reply to my closing statement seems like a great idea too.

        By link I meant not just a web link for the other conversations but as a string/chain of conversations about a similar topic. But I guess this can be done with the key words when editing? Hm, will ponder on that.
        "Conversation portfolios" - that's what I meant! Thanks Simone. :)
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    Sep 27 2011: cry myself to sleep