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Why Is It ImPoRtAnT To Be CREATivE?

The first question I am going to ask you:

What are you wearing?

Creativity is a discipline on it’s own. Like any other discipline it requires work.
To begin with “There are no rules.”

That’s the beauty of it. Creativity is Imagination, & with Imagination comes work. The true gold behind it is that it breaks down all walls, & dissolves fear. To be A Creative your first, & foremost important rule is “There is no errors. Only learning.”I am going to give you an example of the intended idea of what it means to be creative through two disciplines.

Writing & Music.

In writing we build words through the use of letters. In music we build chords through notes.

“Blocks that form a whole.”

We learn these basics in school. Now this is where Creativity kicks in. What does it mean to be Creative? Being Creative means bringing A Unique Perspective. “Individuality.” So let me transpose my creative imagination in between these two disciplines.

The word “Creative.”


Notice how I bring life, & emphasis into the word Creative by simply highlighting CREATE in Creative. Thus adding color to my wording. It’s important to know that no rules were broken simply bent. Now we transpose this CREATivE Theory to Music.

On A Guitar whether you’re playing a C chord, A Chord, or Em Chord. Notice all the single notes make up that particular chord. The Colors of each single note producing the overall Sound. Now I ask you to use your imagination of what I just showed you in my example in the word CREATivE.

Apply that to the chords, & you get what we know as Creativity.

Now do you see what I see?
Do you know realize why Art is Powerful?
& why Imagination, & Creativity will Reign.

So the next time you see Clouds.

I say “Let your Imagination Run Wild!”

  • Oct 11 2011: Creativity is a quest in search of truth(unconsciously) which will give us perpetual happiness.
    The arena of creativity is so vast, arena generally becomes the destination ,in the process
    losing creativity.
    As long as creativity is alive we are treading the right path in our respective
    fields and consequently our lives.
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    Sep 27 2011: Creativity is the ability to create more knowledge.
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    Sep 26 2011: creative

    You can even Moonwalk it.

    What I am showing you is "Creative Theory" at it's most simplistic root.
    You can transpose this theory to other disciplines like Music, Technology, Design, Photography, Film, etc...

    Truly infinite

    *By the way Steven Dilloway
    Challenge yourself by only using the words c,r,e,a,t,i,v,e.
    Basics first to understand this theory I am showing you.
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    Sep 26 2011: Kree8TIVE