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What are some other great conferences to attend?

I loved this talk and see it's from the NextGen:Charity conference ( ) . I'm a big fan of TED and GEL and PopTech. What other "ideas" conferences are worth checking out? Preferably ones that are affordable like this NextGen:Charity which seems to be just $550 (to TED's 6000... I wish I could afford that!)

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    Sep 29 2011: For those in UK there is the Philosophy Festival at Hay on Wye in May/June 2012. This runs concurrently with the Literary Festval, also in Hay:

    ...then there is the Philosphy and Arts festival coming up 18th - 20th November this year, also in Hay on Wye:

    Videos of the 2011 How the Light Gets In festival can be seen here:

    Some truly great speakers here, some of whom have also spoken at TED. The video/sound quality on some of them is not up to TED standard, it has to be said!
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    Sep 27 2011: Your local TEDx Conference!

    Just in case people don't know, TED grants licenses for local TEDx events, each run independently under the vision of a TED conference.

    You would be pleasantly surprised d at the consistently high production and speaker level of these local conferences.