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Chairperson, Health & Performance Innovation Institute


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In our move toward the "quantified self" when we regard our health and the health of others, are we ignoring the importance of rituals?

I am a writer, speaker and consultant on health, especially in the employed population. Employer-based health care initiatives are almost blinded by metrics. As a strong advocate for well-designed research, I understand this drive. But I am getting worried that we are missing something.
- How should the rituals of human touch, observation and conversation fit into our assessment and understanding of health?
- What are we missing by focusing almost exclusively on data and metrics?


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    Oct 8 2011: What gets measured, gets improved.

    I'm actually working on an open-source health tracker, hopefully significantly lowering the cost of these devices so that more people have more access to them. More people would thus develop the self-awareness to make better informed decisions that will optimize their future.

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