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In our move toward the "quantified self" when we regard our health and the health of others, are we ignoring the importance of rituals?

I am a writer, speaker and consultant on health, especially in the employed population. Employer-based health care initiatives are almost blinded by metrics. As a strong advocate for well-designed research, I understand this drive. But I am getting worried that we are missing something.
- How should the rituals of human touch, observation and conversation fit into our assessment and understanding of health?
- What are we missing by focusing almost exclusively on data and metrics?


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  • Sep 28 2011: Psychology has a lot to say about touch; starting with the experiments of Maslow and baby chimps
    There is also Interesting connection here with the 'Transactional Analysis' concept of "stroking" (a lot more complex than it sounds).

    Also with shamanic healing rituals,spells, folklore and magic which in our hubris we have dismissed as 'unscientific' and ineffective.

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